From the Pastor:
On the cusp of Pentecost at the end of the Easter season, we hear the message that, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Power, dynamic, wonder-working power is what Jesus had not only imagined and prepared for his church, but bestowed on it from its very birth on Pentecost. Then on the liturgical church calendar we enter into the time of Pentecost in the church year, from now until Christ the King Sunday on November 20. Twenty-four [24] weeks of Pentecost season, with the altar paraments of green, only occasionally replaced with white for saints or red for martyrs or Reformation, marking the era of the Church, symbolizing the time from the first Pentecost to the impending return of Christ. The imagery may be subtle; the time of the church before the return of Jesus, marked by Christ the King, is a “green” time, a time of growth. Pentecost, originally for the Jews a “first fruits” harvest festival, marked the beginning of the growing season. For a culture such as ours, we find ourselves using the language of “making” rather than “growing;” we think of making a product, making something of ourselves, making a living, making friends, making a difference, making time. “Making” is more a manufacturing or organizational term. Consider the difference if we begin to speak in terms of growth instead, more characteristic of agriculture and organisms than of factories and organizations.

We may think of the Great Commission and its call to “make disciples of every nation.” The Greek doesn’t use the word “make” however; it simply says “Disciple all the nations.” You actually can’t “make” disciples; rather, you have to “grow” them. The root of the word in English is the same as discipline, from the Latin for “instruction.” As a verb it is defined as “to train, drill, educate or punish, but let’s not go there just now). Those are all growing processes. 
During this summer season our Gospel texts will all come from Luke. Its message is summarized in Jesus’ words to Zacchaeus: “For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” (Luke 19:10). The activity and teaching of Jesus in Luke are focused on lifting people out of their sins and bringing them back to life and hope. The miracles, the parables, the teachings, and the acts of Jesus exemplify his redemptive power and will. And it's clear that Luke presents Jesus as the only Savior for the world, and Jesus leaves the task of spreading that incredible news in the hands of his followers.

All of this suggests that we are invited to discipleship, to becoming pupils, to knowing and understanding our relationship with God and with one another because of God’s actions on our behalf. We are invited to grow into the maturity for which we are designed, that is “…to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ.” (Ephesians 4:13) That’s some measure! And here is the question we must be willing to ask ourselves: Are we participating in our discipleship so as to grow toward that measure? Am I participating in Bible study, sharing in fellowship, joining in worship, experiencing prayer, sharing the story, expanding the mission, discovering the ministry which is called for by my response to Jesus’ invitation to be his disciple? If Jesus has passed on the business of discipling all nations to us (“The words you have given me, I have given to them,” John 17:8) his Church, we ought to ask the question, and endeavor to answer as well, “How’s business?”

We would like to believe that if we just live as faithfully as we can the Gospel of Jesus, others will see our faith and seek to become followers of Christ as well. While there is some truth in that (“They will know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” John 13:35), there are at least two problems in it as well. First, how will others understand that our failures to live up to Christ’s standard are covered by the mercy and grace God offers to all in forgiveness if we never speak the Gospel as well as we live it? Perhaps they will simply consider us hypocrites. And second, how will someone know it is Jesus who inspires us to live out our faith if we don’t tell them so? There are many people who live what might be considered good, even exemplary, lives which have little or nothing to do with Jesus.

We live in the era of Pentecost, a “green season” when the Spirit is given and poured out for the express purpose to teach, guide, convince, convict, cajole, constrain, comfort, and empower the Church to be about the business of being the Church, the Body of Christ living and active for the glory of God. How’s business?

Power to you,
Pastor Pat
Our Prayers Are With You
Current Prayers
Prayers for healing after surgery:
  • Janelle has had some changes to her treatment. She will be receiving her first round of chemo this week and will go back for another in three weeks. Radiation has to be remapped and she will need a CT scan and PET scan to make sure cancer hasn’t spread.
Grieving Families and Friends
  • Oh Lord, we pray for the families of those who have lost loved ones to gun violence. May you be very close to them and bring peace, comfort, hope and restoration to their broken lives. 
  • Susan Olson's friend, Margie's sister passed away suddenly while visiting Las Vegas. Please keep the Taylor family in prayer for peace and comfort.
  • Be with the family of Lynn’s friend Tina who passed away this past weekend.
  • Be with the family of Peg Phillips (Dick’s cousin) as they grieve her passing.
  • Lynn’s friend Sally beat cancer but her organs shut downBe with her daughter and family as they mourn her passing.
Prayers for those having tests and ongoing issues:
  • Don and Greta with ongoing medical issues
  • Grace’s son Richard awaiting a kidney transplant
  • Therese’s cousin Irene with ongoing health and financial issues
  • Rosemary with ongoing medical issues-give both she and David much needed rest
Ongoing Prayers:
  • Shannon will need to undergo extensive chemo and radiation following her breast cancer surgery. Pray for successful treatment and limiting side effects.
  • Peace and unity for the people of Ukraine and Russia 
  • Continued prayers for Jill and Margarita. Cover them with safety and well being
  • Continue to watch over the families that come to the ELC and Lord’s Pantry. Be with Maria and Mary as they diligently continue their work in the ELC and Lord’s Pantry 
  • Keep the call and transition teams in prayer as they begin the call process    
  • Continued prayers for the leadership and all the congregation as we move forward
We continue to pray for: 
Ron Nuessle
Joan Rositano, Claudette Rezos,
Rosemary Livesay, Eva Duffy,
Gilda and Julian Carlsen
Remember our shut-ins
Send them a card and let them know
you are thinking of them. 
Addresses are in the directory
† We praise and thank you God for the wonderful things
you are doing every day. Help us to always remember
that you are an AWESOME GOD!!   

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord ~Psalm 150:6
To submit a prayer request:
Please contact Joyce Boddie,
Gail Castle, or Pastor Pat.
You may also email the church office
to add people to the Prayer List.
We Pray for many people
whose names are not published
Gloria Dei Early Learning Center is Considering
If you enjoy being with children ages 6-10 in a fun, loving, and creative learning environment, this is a great opportunity to help expand our
outreach as a Christ centered school in our community.
Please consider Volunteering your time...
And if you know any High School kids who enjoy the same...
Feel free to Invite them along!
<<< CONTACT GDELC by JUNE 8th >>>
PHONE: (408) 272-0321
or EMAIL 👇

The Call posting has been completed,
submitted to the LCMC site, and approved!

So, the time has come!
Please feel free to share this with others as well as on your social networks.
The posting is attached below in PDF form
for electronic and/or print sharing.

All queries can be forwarded to
our central Call Team email address: 

All Glory to God!
CALLED UP | Bryson Bridges
Bryson attended SJSU from 2015-2019 and played on the Defensive Line for the Football Team. After graduating he spent two years as a church intern, and joined the Called Up team as a full time staff member in August 2021. In his role he is focused on reaching the SJSU athletes and is the Football team's life coach as well as The Place's property manager with his wife, Ana.
In December 2017, in the confines of my room, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I had no church background, didn’t grow up in Sunday School, and had no sense of God in my life except for occasional prayers before meals or in the end zone before games. A significant injury during my Junior season of college football sent me into a search to ask the bigger questions of life. My identity and purpose were shattered without football, and after months of seeking it, the comfort of the Gospel and this newfound love for Jesus found me at my lowest point in life and gave me a second chance. After finding God (or being found by God), I came back for my senior season in which I became the team captain, joined a local church, joined the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leadership Team, and started a bible study on campus.

It was during this season of my life I began to have a rift within my soul. Ministry within my locker room and making Jesus known was more fulfilling than the actual game itself. I wrestled with this for many months. Eventually, I decided four weeks before the 2019 NFL Draft to forgo an Undrafted Free-Agent contract to the Kansas City Chiefs to answer the call I believe God has placed on my life for vocational ministry. I soon began as a Pastoral Resident at CPC for two years through the Bay Area School of Ministry. I was graciously gifted an opportunity to go back to San Jose State to be the chaplain of the Football team and continue to witness to the players and other student-athletes about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’m serving with a ministry called Called Up’, a non-profit working with students and athletes at San Jose State. My job will involve shepherding the San Jose State Football Team (coaches/players/admin) into living out their God-intended design through one-on-one, team, and group meetings. I will also oversee and manage a new piece of property we have purchased called "THE PLACE" designed to create community and reach San Jose State for Jesus. My wife Ana and I will be living upstairs, and the downstairs will be converted into a coffee house and hangout space for athletes and students to feel like they have a place to belong.

My wife Ana and I are beyond excited to begin this long-anticipated work to reach, serve, and love these players for Jesus!

For sighing has become my daily food; my groans pour out like water.
Job 3:24
Some people may feel some pain when they have a hernia. If so, it is time to see a doctor. 
The following information is from the website HERNIA AWARENESS:
Hernia Awareness Month
The purpose of National Hernia Awareness Month in June is to raise public knowledge of the warning signs and latest treatment options available. 

A hernia occurs when there is a weakness in the wall of the area it occurs. There are a number of places and types of hernias that can occur within the body.
  • Abdominal Hernia – Also referred to as a ventral hernia, abdominal hernias are generally a protrusion that occurs above the belt. This happens due to a weakness in the abdominal wall.
  • Hiatal Hernia – This type of hernia is closely connected & can coincide with a Paraesophageal Hernia, with the main symptom being gastric reflux or GERD. A hiatal hernia can commonly reoccur after surgery to repair it.
  • Umbilical Hernia – Occurs around or in your belly button. If your belly button typically is pushed in, leaving an indent, and suddenly it appears to have a something bulging out then you most likely have an umbilical hernia.
  • Incisional Hernia – Occurs at the incision line of a previous surgery, due to the cutting of the skin, tissue, & muscles in that particular area creating a weakened site.
  • Femoral Hernia – Occurs at the top of the leg or groin area. These types of hernias are more common in women and tend to be recurrent after a hernia has been repaired.
  • Inguinal Hernia –Occurs below the belt and on either side or both sides of the groin and/or the scrotum area. This particular hernia is more common in men and can also be recurrent, even after surgery.

The first sign of a hernia most people will notice is a bulge or lump in the area where the hernia is taking place. In some cases, there are no symptoms of a hernia. Symptoms often are a result of an inguinal or a hiatal hernia. Symptoms of an inguinal hernia include:
  • Pain in the affected area, especially when bending over, coughing or lifting
  • Burning, gurgling or aching in the area of the hernia bulge
  • Weakness, pressure or a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen

Symptoms of a hiatal hernia include:
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Acid reflux

The month of June offers these Health topic observances: Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness, Cataract Awareness, Hernia Awareness, Home Safety, National Aphasia Awareness, National Scleroderma Awareness, National Migraine & Headache Awareness, Men’s Health Awareness, National Myasthenia Gravis Awareness, and PTSD Awareness
The Leadership Team met on May 10, 2022
We had another busy month on the Campus
Here are some highlights of current activities around Gloria Dei:
ELC– School resumed after the Easter break and will be continuing until mid June. 15 Students continue to attend and enjoy the many activities that Maria and her staff provide. Plans are in the works for some possible summer activities. More
news on the horizon.

Lord’s Pantry– Pantry continues to increase. The increases in food prices in the last few months are affecting our clients, most of whom are low income. The volunteer situation remains stable.
Food donations from Second Harvest and local stores continue providing the bulk of our food needs. Your donations of food are always appreciated. Cash donations to help with building and staffing expenses are very low. The Board is working on several methods of fundraising. Members of Gloria Dei were copied on a message that will be sent to all Pantry donors in June. A fundraiser with Pampered Chef is happening now. Please contact Mary if you need additional information. Please keep the Pantry in your prayers.

Care Ministry– Our Care Team is continuing their Informal visits at church, home visits, and phone calls. Donna continues to create Health Ministry Corner articles, which are sent out by Constant Contact each week.

Worship Activities– Live worship continue on Sundays at 9:30 am and online, either by live-streaming the service at 9:30 am Sunday, or later by Facebook or YouTube from the churches website. Weekly attendance continues to rise as members feel more comfortable attending community events. A Cleanup Day was held on Saturday, May 21st . The church and grounds were
cleaned by both members of Gloria Dei and our friends from the IMDC. It was well attended. We thank all of you who donated your time and “elbow grease.” Pastor Pat and the Worship Team have arranged to do bi-monthly communion (in person) on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. “Drive through” communion will continue on the first Sunday only. Please watch your Constant Contact
announcements for times. “Coffee Hour” continues each week. Please sign up to host a Sunday on the list next to the coffee center. Coffee is always available but treats need to be supplied by Members to enhance the experience. Flowers really brighten up our service. Please consider bringing flowers (you take them home after the service) and sign up on the Flower Chart in the Narthex.

Facility Activities– A Facilities Committee is being organized, with members from both Gloria Dei and the IMDC to help take care of all the facilities actions that are required to be done. We are in the process of revamping our website (for the Church, Pantry and ELC) to make it easier to use and more appealing. We’ll let you know when it’s up and running.

GDLC Finances/Budget– Contributions for the year continue to be down. We will resume the weekly collection in June. A QR code is now available to make online giving easier. We thank you for all your support for Gloria Dei. Our Treasurer, Barbara McCalment can answer any questions on the best way to give online. As always, members are encouraged to use the “digital” platforms to make their tithes and offerings. If you need help with any of the plans, feel free to contact Ernie Moore, who can help!

Call and Transition Team Activities– The 2 Teams are busy with activities in preparation for Pastor Pat’s retirement. Our church documents are being reviewed and modified and new ones are being created. We are in the planning stages for a Fellowship Picnic/BBQ in July. Watch your bulletin, Messenger and Constant Contact messages for upcoming events.
🌟⭐️ Happy Birthday ⭐️🌟
17 Matthew West
18 Jane Hendricks
19 Baily Beecher
20 Don Myers