From the Pastor:
We’re told that our world is growing warmer at an alarming rate, and it is cause for concern. Global Warming’s effect is evidenced in changes in weather patterns leading to drought in some places and severe storms in others, along with the significant melting of polar ice caps and long-standing glaciation. Perhaps you're unaware that the earth is warming by 0.32° each and every year, an almost tripling of the historical pattern of 0.13° prior to 1981. 

On the other hand, a change in temperature would be very welcome in the Kingdom of God…

I’ve said this before, but it seemed particularly appropriate for today as well…
How can I inspire you, in one short message, to encourage you to rise one degree warmer, my sole purpose. I want to see you:
  • Drawn to the light
  • Feeling the heat
  • Experiencing the power
  • Igniting the passion
  • Inspiring the vision
  • Catching the contagion
  • Stoking the fire
  • Fanning the flame
  • Increasing the energy
  • Building the intensity.
Each and every one of us in the Body of Christ has a unique
  • Opportunity
  • Privilege
  • Responsibility
  • Gift 
  • Advantage (in the life of someone else)
for bringing glory to God, proclaiming the Gospel of
Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

One degree warmer
  • How can I
  • How can you
  • How can we
be the church that turns up the heat of the Body of Christ one
degree warmer every year so that God’s passionate love
for all people might become readily apparent?
God’s love for all of humankind is aflame.
We get to be the vessel, the stove, the burner…
rather than the asbestos shield…
to bring the ministry of the Church to a roiling boil.
I’ll use every tool, any program, any gimmick, every ounce of energy and passion…
At the end of the day I want to be spent in order to
make a difference of one degree
in the life of a person, a small group, a rural,
suburban or urban congregation, a church…
Until our collective passion for Jesus’ mission is white hot, so that anyone who comes near might experience their “heart burning within them”
with new or renewed passion for the Kingdom of God.
Jesus said, “I will build my church,” to which our sole
response, the only reasonable response is
Or as one of my childhood comic book heroes always said:

Power to you, Pastor Pat
Our Prayers Are With You
Current Prayers
Prayers for healing after surgery:
  • Tracee’s brother Rick after successful surgery
  • Troy Hernandez following surgery
  • David~ continued healing after eye surgery 
  • Tim~ slow and steady recovery from liver transplant
  • Janelle~ continuing to heal after surgery for tongue cancer
Grieving Families and Friends
  • Sue’s family after her brother George and sister Lisa took her off life support. Be with her son Sean, partner Greg and mother Karen
  • Lynn and George in the loss of their friend Don Acosta
  • Kim and Sierra as they grieve the loss of husband and father Tom also Matt and Kathleen in the loss of their brother-in-law.  
Prayers for those having tests and ongoing issues:
  • Kandra’s friend Virginia receiving chemo treatments for breast and shoulder cancer
  • Don and Greta with ongoing medical issues
  • Grace’s son Richard awaiting a kidney transplant
  • Therese’s cousin Irene with ongoing health issues
  • Rosemary with medication issues-give both she and David much needed rest
  • Best treatment for Vera after cancer diagnosis
  • Linda receiving dialysis 
  • Sally is currently in a rehab facility and still having issues, but her latest CT scan shows that she is cancer free.
Ongoing Prayers:
  • Peace and unity for the people of Ukraine and Russia 
  • Continued prayers for Jill and Margarita. Cover them with safety and well being
  • Continue to watch over the families that come to the ELC and Lord’s Pantry. Be with Maria and Mary as they diligently continue their work in the ELC and Lord’s Pantry 
  • Keep the call and transition teams in prayer as they begin the call process    
  • Continued prayers for the leadership and all the congregation as we move forward
  • Continue to be with Susan’s friend Steve working through some tough family times. 
New Prayers:
  • Kim Markie in and out of the hospital and having medical issues.
  • Donna’s sister Neita after suffering a slight heart attack. She is feeling better and is able to breathe much easier.
  • Joyce’s friend Cindy with knee problems
  • Healing for Kandra’s sister Dee with shingles localized on her face
We continue to pray for: 
Ron Nuessle
Joan Rositano, Claudette Rezos,
Rosemary Livesay, Eva Duffy,
Gilda and Julian Carlsen
Remember our shut-ins
Send them a card and let them know
you are thinking of them. 
Addresses are in the directory
† Praise God that Frances got the job.  
† Shannon received a good report after her surgery and is recovering at home. She will begin radiation treatment soon.
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord ~Psalm 150:6
To submit a prayer request:
Please contact Joyce Boddie,
Gail Castle, or Pastor Pat.
You may also email the church office
to add people to the Prayer List.
We Pray for many people
whose names are not published
From Then Sings My Soul
By Robert J. Morgan
A little one shall become a thousand,
And a small one a strong nation.
I, the Lord, will hasten it in its times.
ISAIAH 60:22
Little is Much When God is in It

One snow-blanketed night, Canadian Fred Suffield awoke to an urgent pounding on his door. A half-frozen man reported that a train had stalled in the blizzard, and the passengers were in danger of freezing to death. Lighting a lantern, Fred followed the man to the site and led the travelers back to his house. Later one of the passengers, Kittie, wrote a thank you note. Fred replied, and Kittie wrote back. Their correspondence led to courtship and to marriage.

Some time later, Fred and Kittie attended a church in Ottawa pastored by Rev. A.J. Shea, and there they gave their lives to the Lord. As the couple grew in Christ, they entered the ministry of evangelism. One summer, they invited Shea’s teenage son, George Beverly, to spend a month with them in Westport, Ontario, holding evangelistic meetings. One night, accompanied by Kittie on the piano, Bev attempted to sing, but his voice cracked on the high notes, and he sat down mortified, vowing never to sing again. Kittie wouldn’t hear of it, suggesting he sing in a lower key. He did, and he kept on singing, and singing, and singing.

Many years passed, and in June of 2000, Billy Graham came to Nashville, Tennessee, for a four-night mission. My wife and I were privileged to attend a reception for the Graham team just before the meetings began, and George Beverly Shea, 92, at the time, rose to sing. His rich baritone voice broke into a song that had been written 73 years before by Fred and Kittie: “Little is Much When God is in It.”

I thought it was a strange choice of hymn. We were on the verge of the greatest evangelistic effort in Nashville’s history, headlined by the most famous evangelist in the world. And George Beverly Shea’s song was about the littleness of our efforts. But later, I realized how perfectly the song fit. Compared to this great mission to untold multitudes, our own individual ministries seemed small and insignificant. But God uses little things in great ways. A tiny acorn may produce a forest. A spark may ignite a revival. A small church might produce the next far-famed evangelist.

Don’t be discouraged if your place seems small. You’re doing more good than you know.
Little is Much When God is in It
Music and Lyrics by– Kittie Louise Suffield

In the harvest field now ripened,
There’s a work for all to do;
Hark, the voice of God is calling,
To the harvest calling you.
Little is much when God is in it,
Labor not for wealth or fame.
There’s a crown and you can win it,
If you go in Jesus’ name.

Does the place you’re called to labor
Seem so small and little known?
It is great if God is in it
And He’ll not forget His own.
Little is much when God is in it,
Labor not for wealth or fame.
There’s a crown and you can win it,
If you go in Jesus’ name.

When the conflict here is ended
And our race on earth is run;
He will say if we are faithful,
Welcome home, My child, well done.
Little is much when God is in it,
Labor not for wealth or fame.
There’s a crown and you can win it,
If you go in Jesus’ name.

© 2003 Robert J. Morgan – Thomas Nelson, Inc.
Thoughts from David:
As I was praying about what song to choose for this week, God had me thumb the book from back to front. While reading a couple hymns, I stopped when I saw the title to this song. It’s not familiar to me, so I wasn’t positive this is where He wanted me to stop. I didn’t read the author’s history, but, rather, the lyrics first. It captivates (note the present tense) me. There are so many nuggets of wisdom that captured my attention.
  1. There’s work for all to do.
  2. The voice of God is calling, to the harvest calling you. (calling, calling, calling)
  3. He’ll not forget His own.

With all the loss in our world in the past several years, I urge you to read and reread the third verse. For me, I wept in joy at the memories of Naomi, Sheri, Bonnie, Elfrieda, my Mom and Dad, my beautiful bride, Rose among many others not named here. “Welcome home, My child, well done.”

Little is much when GOD is in it. Peace to you.
© 2003 Robert J. Morgan – Thomas Nelson, Inc.
IMAGE: Unknown Copyright Infringement not Intended
Ecclesiastes 7:17
Do not be over wicked, and do not be a fool—why die before your time? 
The following is from STROKE AWARENESS
Empower Others to React—Not Regret
If you suspect a loved one may be having a stroke or you realize that something about them suddenly seems off, this is the time to react.

Remember, calling 911 is the right thing to do, even if you are wrong. Calling 911 and getting EMS care could have a lasting impact on a loved one.

Let your friends and family know that:
Urgency is key
Hesitation and fear cost time. As soon as you notice potential signs of stroke, call 911.
Know the symptoms
Stroke is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Signs and symptoms can be subtle and easily missed. If something seems wrong, it’s vital to react.
Spread the word
More people in the US have strokes than heart attacks. Everyone should know how to identify signs of stroke.

What should you be looking for?
Unstable with less coordination, stumbling, unable to walk straight
Wobbling around, grabbing onto a stationary object, tripping over nothing
Feeling faint, lightheaded, or like the room is spinning
Unsteady movements (like motion sickness), like they are drunk (without having any alcohol)

Blurred vision or trouble with eyesight in one or both eyes Squinting or rubbing their eyes, not able to read
One side of the face is drooping or looks uneven. Ask the person
to smile and observe their face. See if the face droops on one side
Pain or discomfort in the head, scalp, or neck with no known cause
Touching their head, rubbing their temples, sensitivity to light
Lack of strength in arm or leg—especially on one side of the body
Wanting to sit or lay down, difficulty doing simple tasks
A tingling feeling in the body (ie, face, arm, or leg), like pins and needles
Constant touching, massaging, or shaking of the numb areas
Unable to speak or slurred speech
Sentences that can’t be understood, difficulty having a conversation
Unable to understand what is happening, can’t think clearly or feel thrown off
A puzzled look, raised or wrinkled eyebrows, shaking their head “no,” a hard time focusing, trouble making decisions
*Note that these symptoms or a combination of them are not unique to stroke, but if they are sudden and out of the ordinary, they may indicate a sign of stroke and require immediate attention.
Calling 911 and getting EMS care
could have a lasting impact on a loved one

This year, the month of May offers these health topic observances:
ALS Awareness Mo., Arthritis Awareness Mo., Asthma & Allergy Awareness Mo., Better Hearing & Speech Mo., Clean Air Mo., Correct Posture Mo., Cystic Fibrosis Mo., Healthy Vision Month, Hepatitis Awareness Mo., Huntington’s Disease Awareness Mo., National Lupus Awareness Mo., Lyme Disease Mo., Melanoma /Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Mo., National Mental Health Mo., National Skin Cancer Awareness & Cancer Research Month, National Celiac Disease Awareness month, National High Blood Pressure Education Mo., National Neurofibromatosis Month, National Osteoporosis Prevention Mo., & National Stroke Awareness Mo.
The Leadership Team met on April 19, 2022
We had another busy month on the Campus
Here are some highlights of current activities around Gloria Dei:
ELC– 16 Students continue to attend and enjoy the many activities that Maria and her staff provide. The students had a week off after Easter, but school resumes on Monday the 23rd. The “Hippity Hoppity “ Fundraiser was a great success, collecting nearly $1,500. Funds will be used to help complete the artificial turf installation.
Lord’s Pantry Pantry Clients have increased about 40%. We’ve been blessed with volunteers from the Independence Adult Center, Transitional Adult Program. They have been a great resource. We had a large donation this month of Baby products to supplement our Layette Supplies. One Sad Announcement~ Terry Sullivan, a longtime volunteer and Pantry supporter, passed away in early April. Terry was devoted to the Pantry and helped grow the program over the many years. The Board sends their condolences to her family. Please keep the Pantry in your prayers.
Care Ministry– 90+ Informal visits at church, home visits, and phone calls were done by Donna and the Care Ministry Team. Donna continues to create Health Ministry Corner articles, which are sent out by Constant Contact each week.
Worship Activities We continue to offer worship “Live” Sundays at 9:30 AM and online, either by live-streaming the service at 9:30 am Sunday, or later on Facebook or You Tube via the church's website. Weekly attendance continues to rise as members feel more comfortable attending community events. An Easter Lunch was provided by the Transition Team after Easter Sunday service. Mask usage is now optional, but we still need to know if anyone contracts Covid after attending the service. Pastor Pat continues to do monthly communion (in church, and “drive through”) for the time being. “Coffee Hour” continues each week. Please sign up to host a Sunday on the list next to the coffee center. Coffee is always available but treats need to be supplied by Members to enhance the experience.
Facility Activities The installation of the Security Fence is complete, with only a few minor adjustments still being done. The Leadership Team is trying to organize a Facilities Committee, with members from both Gloria Dei and the IMDC to help take care of all the facilities actions that are required to be done.
GDLC Finances/Budget Contributions for the year are down a bit. We have been reviewing the online giving sites to make online giving easier for members. Our Computer systems have been refreshed with the donation of 4 new computers. We have been able to join the Microsoft Non-Profit Program and have been able to receive free licenses for the Office365 software package.
We thank you for all your support of Gloria Dei. Our Treasurer, Barbara
McCalment can answer any questions on the best way to give online. As always, members are encouraged to use the “digital” platforms to make their tithes and
offerings. If you need help with any of the plans, feel free to contact Ernie Moore, who can help!
Call and Transition Team Activities The 2 Teams are busy with activities in preparation for Pastor Pat’s retirement. Our church documents are being
reviewed and modified and new ones are being created. Watch your bulletin, Messenger and Constant Contact messages for upcoming events.
5 Joan Beecher
6 David Livesay
7 Joan Rositano
8 Don Martindale
9 Darlene Eliason
11 Aase Serra
12 Robert Borregard
17 Douglas Smay
19 Dan Rinerson & Alex Serra
22 Jon Kromrey
23 John Mlnarik
30 Peter Smay