METRANS  News Brief
April 13, 2020
Resilient Transportation Research for COVID-19
While the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in many ways, research in transportation resilience provides useful guidance on how to navigate shocks to the transportation industry and infrastructure. Dr. Karl Kim, a professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Hawai’i at M ā noa and a member of the METRANS-led Pacific Southwest Regional (PSR) University Transportation Center is an internationally recognized expert in transportation resilience and his current work is directly addressing COVID-19 mobility issues.
Through the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center (NDPTC) based at the University of Hawai’i at M ā noa, Dr. Kim and members of his team have developed education and training programs to equip first responders with the skills to maintain transportation facilities after a crisis.

Most recently, the NDPTC has implemented Just in Time Training (J.I.T.T.) for COVID-19, which provides the public with information on the COVID-19 virus and methods to contain the virus. Since remote and isolated areas have less access to testing, less capacity for delivering treatments, and narrower supply chains to restock supplies, equipment, and necessities, the NDPTC has administered surveys to determine where the virus has spread and how it can be stopped.

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Dr. Karl Kim
University of Hawai'i at M ā noa
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Judith Mccourt, President at the Redhill Group, presents at USC.
As part of the Fall 2019 Speaker Series, METRANS and PSR hosted four coauthors of a new report, commissioned by LA Metro, called Understanding How Women Travel

Participating in the discussion were Dr. Evelyn Blumenberg, Professor of Urban Planning, Director of the Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, Department of Urban Planning; Judith McCourt, President, Redhill Group; Claudia Galicia, Senior Transportation Planner, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro); and Emily Finkel, Senior Transportation Planner, Fehr & Peers. 
This report detailed the results of a multi-year study into the travel behavior of female transit users, addressing perceived lack of attention to the differing ways in which men and women moved through space. The goal of this study was to create “a comprehensive strategy to address the complex and inter-related causes of gender inequity, mobility and economic challenges” said author Claudia Galicia. 

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Another Successful Port Tour
Photo credit: Eric Shen
In this early March event, hosted by Port of Long Beach Environmental Planning, Master Planning, and Transportation Division, METRANS participants from around Southern California enjoyed an informative day as they toured the Port of Long Beach.