METRONews    |   April 2016
Everything is new in Springtime...
...and your Metron Software will be too!!

Y ou will receive a Metron Software 7.40 update prompt soon! When you see it, click to update so you stay current with the Metron Imaging Software features!

It is quick and easy!  

As a reminder, to receive the Metron software update, your computers must be connected to the Internet and when prompted, you need to say "OK" to Metron Update Available.  
Who do you love?
April 11 is designated as " National Pet Day".  A day set aside to pamper your favorite friend even MORE than you do every day.

Perhaps you will purchase a new treat or celebrate the day with an extra long walk in the park. No matter what you choose, you both will love it.
Worth repeating!
Here are a few features to be included in Metron 7.40 Software version:
  • Metron USB Camera Capture
  • Low Exposure Warning
  • Automated Stitching
  • Metron Web-Viewer updated 
Click here to view a quick summary!         
See how  your practice can benefit using the technology available in Metron!!
A Picture is Worth?
With today's technology, it is easy to share visual information.  How many of us use our cell phones to snap a picture and then immediately send it to a friend?   

Today's pet owners want to "see" the diagnosis and treatment plan. In the veterinary practice you can "Show and Tell" with ease  using the Metron 
Web-Viewer, an Android tablet, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc.

News & Notes...
1. Metron Back ME UP is a FREE service included with your Metron Support Services. It is important to backup your entire Epona folder of files and we can do that for you. Contact us today!

2. April 22 is National Earth Day. Click here for a few ideas to go a little "greener' in your veterinary practice.

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