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April 2019 - In This Issue:
Celebrating April
Here are a few days to observe!

National Find a Rainbow Day
Wednesday, April 3

National No Housework Day
Sunday, April 7
Is there such a day?

National Hug Your Dog Day
Wednesday, April 10

National Hanging Out Day
Friday, April 19

World Veterinary Day
Saturday, April 27
Contact info changed?

Has any of your contact information changed? Please provide us with any new or changed information such as phone number, street address, email address, contact person, etc.

Also, would you like the METRONews delivered to another email address in your practice?    Email us and please include email address, contact person, and practice name.
Antivirus Exclusions

In order for the Metron application to function properly, it is important that specific exclusions be configured within your antivirus software. Doing this will ensure your antivirus product does not interfere with Metron.

Click here for additional information located on your support site.  

Also,  contact our support staff  with any questions!
Empty the Trash Can

If you are regularly deleting images because of retakes etc, your trash can will fill up pretty fast. This also means most of the images now stored in the "Trash" are not useful. 

We recommend you regularly empty the Metron trash can so the list is never very long. If you do mistakenly delete an image and want to restore it, it could be lost in the long list of other deleted images.

Just keep in mind that once you permanently delete an image, it is unrecoverable.
Watch for your 
The next monthly issue will be emailed Tuesday, May 7, 2019.
New Support Services Benefit
Preventative Maintenance System 

The annual Preventative Maintenance System Check was developed to ensure maximum performance of your critical systems with planned maintenance. It is performed while the Imaging Software PC equipment is still working so it does not break down unexpectedly. It is now included with your Metron Support Services!

Preventive Maintenance is to insure your practice takes full advantage of benefits such as, X-Ray PC optimization, Metron Software updates, detector calibration, and if required, a live phone user training session discussing Metron Software functionality and features.

The true value of proactive Preventive Maintenance is keeping your Metron acquisition software and PC up-to-date and running efficiently 24/7/365. It really is a relatively inexpensive way of ensuring the health of your DR or CR X-Ray PC and avoiding the major headaches and downtime. It also helps to identify significant issues long before they become major problems and result in interruption of work-flow during an X-Ray procedure.

Our Preventive Maintenance System Check includes:
  • Metron latest software updates for your system
  • Best optimal PC acquisition configuration with Metron Imaging Software
  • X-Ray Detector Calibration recommendation
  • Image Quality, filter settings, and Technique Chart for your system
  • Operating System and Security Patches, if necessary
  • Image backup and Cloud backup recommendation
Questions??   Just contact us . We are happy to help!

High speed important for so many reasons
Test Internet Speed in your Practice

High speed Internet connectivity is a critical component in your practice. As you are reading this, consider how many devices your staff use everyday to be successful at their work. Important work affecting your clients.  Data transfer, X-Rays, diagnostic results and Metron Cloud image backups can all hinge on your upload and download speeds. 

Click here for a tool to check your upload and download speeds within your practice. Choose the city nearest you and let it run. 

For example...You may have a reported 10mbit/second (mbps) Internet speed but with an unadvertised upload speed of only 0.25mbps.   The difference here - if a file takes 30 seconds to download at 10mbps, it would take 20 minutes to upload.   
The DICOM study you want to send to a referral practice - could take hours if you have this upload speed scenario.  

The US Internet speed averages for download and upload are 22.9mbps and 10.5mbps.  We often find veterinary practices with Internet subscriptions that do not automatically increase their speeds.  

Contact your ISP for a description of their automatic speed increase practices. Without confirming, do not trust that you have the best available Internet for practice efficiency.
Your outside world is calling
So Many Opportunities to Celebrate

It is spring and time to celebrate the warmer weather with your entire family throughout the month of April.

National Walking Day          National Pet Day
Wednesday, April 3                Wednesday, April 11

National Picnic Day             National Kids and Pets Day
Tuesday, April 23                   Friday, April 26

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