August 2017 - In This Issue:
Celebrating August
Here are a few days to observe!

Saturday, August 5 

Tuesday, August 8

You will need to take a day off...
National Lazy Day
National S'mores Day
Thursday, August 10

If you have not held one yet...
National Garage Sale Day
Saturday, August 12

Saturday, August 26 
Looking to buy new?

Updating or replacing your computer? Be sure to contact Metron Support Services to ensure a successful transfer of your Metron Imaging Software and Database.   

Click here for the technical requirements for a new laptop. Purchasing a tablet PC?  This document targets technical detail for tablets. Contact us if you have questions!

Metron Back ME UP...are you on board?

Is your practice included in the 170,000+ successful Metron image file backups we have recorded since we started offering this automated service in 2014?

If not, you should be!! Metron Back ME UP is an onsite backup option available as part of your active Metron Support Services.  Click here for more information.

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What is Ransomware?
Be sure to protect your practice

Rarely a day goes by without headlines of a new major ransomware infection.

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is malware that may lock your keyboard, computer, or data, to prevent you from accessing your files until you pay a ransom. Usually the ransom is demanded in the form of the digital currency, Bitcoin. This type of digital extortion isn't new - it's been around at least a decade, and over the years attackers have greatly refined the methods in which ransomware infects a computer and encrypts files using a private key that only the attacker possesses, instead of simply locking your keyboard or computer.

Now, more than ever, it is important to have an anti-malware (anti-virus) security product installed not only on your Metron computer, but all computers in your practice, in order to keep your data safe.

Windows 7 and newer does offer limited malware protection "Windows Defender", but in today's world of ever-evolving malware variants, best practice is to install a standalone anti-malware product, with real-time protection, to prevent ransomware/malware infections.

We highly recommend having a paid anti-malware product with real-time protection installed (ESET, AVG, Avast, Symantec, Panda, to name a few.) on all computers at your practice to prevent ransomware & malware infections. If you do not currently have one installed, we advise contacting your local I.T. provider for recommendations on purchasing and installing an anti-malware software product that is a good fit for your practice.

Most of the time, anti-malware software does not interfere with Metron and no additional steps are required after installation.  However, sometimes, anti-malware software may cause issues with Metron, or your other programs, requiring an "exception" or "exclusion" to be made so that the anti-malware software "ignores" applications that are legitimately installed on your computer.

If you do experience any issues with Metron after having installed an anti-malware product,  please do not hesitate to give us a call as we would be glad to assist in making the proper exceptions/exclusions for your anti-malware product to allow Metron to operate smoothly.
A New Member to our Team!

Joanna Catherine was born July 9 at 2:22 pm. She was 7 pounds 14 ounces and 21½ inches long. Erin and her family could not be more thrilled to have her home and she seems to be adjusting nicely. Big sister Kenleigh tries really hard not to leave her side, EVER! 

Joanna is diligently working on her tummy time and will be giving her big sister a run for her money in no time. 

Unsure of her start date in the office. :)


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