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December is a month of holiday preparations...and today...for those who celebrate...Happy St. Nick Day!

A European custom designed as a festival for children. St. Nicholas is derived from Nicholas of Myra who officiated as a bishop in 4th century Greece. He had a reputation for gift-giving by putting coins into other people's shoes.  Children in families who celebrate this day often wake up to treats of candy, cookies or fruit in stockings or shoes the morning of December 6.

Your Metron Support Services team will discover St. Nick stopped by last night!  

No matter which holiday you celebrate, we want to wish you and your loved ones health, happiness, peace and joy this season.  

Want to learn more about how people celebrate and the traditions supporting their holidays? You are just a few clicks away from learning more about your neighbors around the world.  

So...       Merry Christmas!          Happy Hanukkah!          Happy Boxing Day!

May all your traditions light a smile in your heart this holiday season!

Featured Support Pet
Erin's family adopted Ryder at just 6 weeks old! Since becoming a member of the family,  another human came along for him to play with! While they got off to quite the rocky start, she is now his best friend and anything that smells like her is now his favorite thing to cuddle. Running through the woods while trying to keep his nose to the ground at the same time is fun to watch!
Back ME UP Success
Is your practice included in the 112,500+ successful Metron image file backups we have recorded since we started offering this automated service in 2014?

If not, you should be!! Metron Back ME UP is a n onsite backup option available as part of your active Metron Support Services. Click here for more information.
Holiday Support Hours
Metron Support Services will be closed December 26 so our team can enjoy an extended holiday celebration with their family and friends.

Normal business hours of 8am-6pm CST M-F start again Tuesday, December 27.

Enjoy your holiday preparations!

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