METRONews - Fall 2022

Honoring OUR Veterans and their

Companion Animals

We honor all current and former members of the Armed Services this Veterans Day. We want to give a special thank you to our colleagues who are veterans or who are currently serving. Our country’s greatness is built on the foundation of your courage and sacrifice. Thank you!

We also want to honor our veterans' companion animals. These furry family members have impacted their lives for the better. We want to give these special pets big kudos for their unconditional love, big hearts, and for making their

lives whole. 

Joel joined the United States Navy and served for twenty-six years, and retired as a US Navy Commander. 

"My dogs are my shadows. Max, the Standard Poodle, and Ginger, the Pudelpointer, are always at my side or under my feet." 

Max and Ginger

Dan H joined the United States Army and served for eight years.

"My name is Luther Horatio Van Dam. I love my family, scrambled eggs, and cuddling up next to Mommy or Daddy under a warm blanket. I'm seven years old, but I still look and act like a puppy. Some would say I'm a naughty dog because I don't like other people or animals, and I occasionally steal food right off of my sister's plate, but I think I'm just misunderstood." 

Luther Horatio Van Dam

Cory joined the United States Army serving for six years and serving with the National Guard for three years.

"These are my two dogs. Stark is a large German Shepherd Mix and Elke (pronounced Elka)...well, she is a mystery mutt. 

They both love camping, playing in the water, hiking, and fetching. Stark is nine years old and Elke is eight. Elke was a stray in northern Wisconsin and had been returned to the shelter multiple times. Elke has been by my side for about seven years and I have had Stark for about eight years now."



Ashley joined the United States Army and served for six years.

"He may be small, but don't let that fool you. He has a personality as big as any room and comes with an even bigger heart. As a support dog, he is trained to help me at my lowest points. He also stands guard against the monsters so my daughter can safely drift off to sleep every night. I wish everyone could have a Teddy, and they could experience all the love, laughter, and quirkiness that Teddy brings with him. Because of him, my heart is fuller, my mind is calmer, and I am a better person thanks to Teddy."


Ben joined the United States Army serving four years and is currently serving in the Air National Guard EOD.

"Beck is an English cream golden. He is a big fluffy goof that loves chasing tennis balls and swimming! He is a great big brother to his little human brother."


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