METRONews    |   February 2016
It is all about hearts in February.
In these cold winter months, it is all about staying warm, keeping fit, and making sure each member of our family remains heart-healthy. Diet, exercise and even receiving Valentine's  Day flowers and candy can keep each one of our hearts beating strong.

Click here for more tips and heart-warming stories
from the American Heart Association.
Metron Web-Viewer!
Metron 7.40 will include new features within the Metron Web-Viewer. It will offer large images and/or resizable images with the capability  to download complete studies (rather than one image at a time). You can also download in DICOM format if the user posted them with that option. Metron 7.40 release coming soon!          
Daily brushing for all
You brush your teeth every day, so should your dogs and cats...of course with a little help from you! 

Learn more how you can improve your pet's dental health starting this month! Cleaner teeth can lead to overall better health for your trusty companion.               
Guided Mark-Up: VHS
In keeping with a spotlight on the heart, we thought we would feature the online training session focusing on Vertebral Heart Score (VHS) Analysis.  Metron generates three measurements based on pick points of the chest image for the important parameters of the Vertebral Heart Score. Click here to watch.
And we have a winner...
Hopefully everyone had fun with this contest. It is just another way to introduce our Facebook page to you PLUS provide a Metron file backup option for one of our supported practices.

And the winner is Hyde Park Veterinary Hospital located in London, ON! Congratulations Dr. Garrett!                                      
Click here to learn more about backups.

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