February 2018 - In This Issue:
Celebrating February
Here are a few days to observe!

Valentine's Day
Wednesday, February 14

N ational Random Acts 
of Kindness Day
Saturday, February 17

Tuesday, February 20

Walking the Dog Day
Thursday, February 22
Pet Dental Health Month

You brush your teeth every day, so should your dogs and cats...of course with a little help from you! 

Learn more how you can improve your pet's dental health starting this month! Cleaner teeth can lead to overall better health for your trusty companion.            

Have you visited your local library lately?  February would be the perfect month to get back in touch with all the books, magazines, movies and so much more the library has to offer. It is "literally" the place for anyone who enjoys picking up a good book!

Your local library can provide a quiet space away from the traffic of everyday life too. Sure, you can use the Internet to discover new information in an instant, but not everything may be found there either. Just ask your local librarian...and sign up for a library card too!

Use #NationalLibraryLoversDay to share your love of books on social media this month.
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Meet Winterwood Equine Services

Welcome to the first Practice Spotlight feature of 2018! Metron Support Services is happy to introduce you to Winterwood Equine Services based in Philpot, KY.

Dr. Deidre Huff graciously raised her hand to be the first practice "spotlighted" this year. We thank her for sharing a sample of her Metron work day with us.

Winterwood Equine Services is an equine veterinary practice. They use Metron Imaging Software for all of their image acquisition, particularly for coffin bone rotation, joint alignment, foot symmetry, and medial & lateral balance of the lower limb. 

Have you had any cool cases involving Metron? 
Dr. Huff said although they often see cases they would consider to be "cool", the owners don't usually feel the same. 

Some features Dr. Huff really likes about Metron are that the 
X-Ray images are clear for the owners to see any issues as well as me. It is great to view them instantly using the digital system. The ability to compare Metron images side by side to assess progress, particularly in dental and farrier cases is a benefit to her and the owner. 

Winterwood Equine Services is a completely mobile clinic, so they travel to the horse's location to provide services. Dr. Huff is proud to work in sports medicine and has been involved with the Southeast Young Rider Endurance Team. AND, this team will be going to the 2018 World Equestrian Games for its fourth year!

Your practice can be next!  Contact us  to be featured in the METRONews Practice Spotlight.
Support Services Featured Pets
Pugdiddy and Yzerman-here's looking at you!
I have two adorable, crazy, extremely loving and affectionate pugs named Pugdiddy and Yzerman (named after a former Red Wings hockey player).

These two brothers have been pretty much inseparable since birth! They even cuddle together forming the "Yin and Yang" symbol!  

They have been wonderful additions to my already crazy household since 2008. Even though they are going on 10 years old, they still seem  like a set of toddler twins! If they're not acting or doing something weird then they're putting their paws on you to pick them up and hold them. 

Their need for constant attention and affection is unbelievable--but with those big beautiful eyes staring at you, who can resist!

I've grown accustomed to, what I refer to as "pug talk", which is the cute (to some people, annoying!) snorts that are truly their way of letting  you know they're truly content.

Pugdiddy (Diddy for short) and Yzerman (Yzie for short) have brought so much laughter and happiness to my family.  can't imagine ever having a "pug free home" again!

-Tim, Sales Consultant

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