METRONews    |   January 2016
A new year, a new opportunity, looking ahead.
All of us at Metron Support Services  want to thank you for
your business, loyalty, and  support in 2015. Let's make it a great 2016!
The Best of 2015
A lot can happen in a year!

Let's review what we believe to be the "Best of 2015". Great stuff from a year that is now a part of our history but forever building blocks for 2016+.    
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Make a habit to reboot
To keep all your daily software programs (including Metron Imaging Software), operating smoothly, make a habit to occasionally close/log out of all your programs and reboot your computer.  

This good advice can also be applied to iPads, Android phones, and more.                 
Metron 7.40 coming...
Metron 7.40 Release is coming in early 2016! Here is just a sampling to be included in this Metron Software version:
  • Panel Connectivity Display
  • Low Exposure Warning
  • Automated Stitching
  • Metron Web-Viewer updated

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