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January and February 2020

National Train Your Dog Month
Oh, what your pups could learn! 

National Rubber Ducky Day
Monday, January 13
Rubber Ducky, you're the one! 

National Pie Day
Thursday, January 23

Random Act of Kindness Day
Monday, February 17

Walking the Dog Day
Thursday, February 20

National FFA Week
February 22 through February 29
Testing Internet Speed

Click here for a recognized easy-to-use tool. Choose the city nearest you and let it run!

For example...You may have a reported 10mbit/second (mbps) Internet speed but with an unadvertised upload speed of only 0.25mbps. The difference here - if a file takes 30 seconds to download at 10mbps, it would take 20 minutes to upload.   
Completing the Metron Cloud Backup after new images are acquired could take several hours if you have this upload speed scenario.  

The US Internet speed averages for download and upload are 22.9mbps and 10.5mbps.  We often find veterinary practices with Internet subscriptions that do not, automatically increase their speeds.  

Contact your ISP for a description of their automatic speed increase practices. 
What is Metron Cloud?
Metron Support Services provides a real time backup service designed to automatically save all images on your C:/ drive to our Cloud Based program. This service is designed to be set in place for purposes of loss, theft, and disaster recovery. 

If your need for the images stored in the cloud is immediate, please contact our support team at 877-638-3868 and speak to one of our technicians for image retrieval assistance.
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March / April 2020 METRONews

The next bi-monthly issue will be emailed Wednesday, March 11, 2020.
Metron Best Practices
Image Calibration Role in Diagnostics
Taking the right shot for the perfect measurement.

Metron Imaging Software offers many different Guided Mark-Up techniques to aid in diagnostics for equine and companion animal veterinarians.
The goal of an X-Ray exposure is the presentation of an image that is properly exposed containing sufficient diagnostic detail and showing minimal distortion.  
Calibration should be performed on images to allow mark-up for measurements and scoring as well as overall image quality for viewing and reports. So, what is the best method? 
Companion Animal: The "benefits" for a companion animal veterinarian is that the X-Ray generator does not move nor does the examination room table. Distance remains a constant. 
Any object of known length can be used if placed in the same lateral point (in the same line) with the point of interest. Metron has developed the Metron Auto Scaler for this purpose. Again, it is important to place the Auto-Scaler near the patient area of interest which should also be nearest the center of the X-Ray energy field - perpendicular to the central beam of the X-Ray. 
Equine: The distance between your equine patient and the generator often changes. It is critical to set the measurement calibration with each X-Ray image.
Though we have several measurement calibration options available in the Metron calibration panel, we recommend the Metron Block for ease of use and accuracy with both the Guided Mark-Up and Free Mark-Up measuring processes.
The Metron Block contains metal markers which will appear in the radiograph. Metron will use these markers to automatically set the scale for the image. It is important to place the hoof on the center line of the Metron Block. You can also use the Metron Auto-Scaler for other detail shots by strapping the device to the horse's leg.
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Metron Support Feature Pet
Meet Simba - King of the Tree
About a year ago, we had to make a hard decision and put our cuddly cat Chief  down due to liver damage. He lived a fun and loved 11 years with us.

Our family's heart was left empty and, after some time, we decided to visit our local shelters. We made our last stop at the Fox Valley Humane Society in Appleton, WI.

Our entire family fell in love with Simba the instant we saw him. He was so friendly, playful, and absolutely adorable. He loves playing fetch (and yes, he is a cat). Of course, his favorite game is chasing the laser. He is very bound and determined to get the laser. I am sure someday he thinks he will catch it. His new favorite toy is our Christmas tree. He thinks it the best climbing tower with the most "toys" to try to knock off.

I think the only one in the house who is not too terribly fond of him is his stepsister Diva. Of course, she is WAY more mature and doesn't want anything to do with his antics. By the end of the day, Simba will tucker himself out enough to snuggle with her in peace (for the most part).

The absolute best part of my day is at the end of each day, I sit and read with our son Isaac and, of course, Simba. Simba loves to read, and if we are running late with reading, he will meow to let us know it is time to sit down to cuddle and read. 

He has brought so much laughter and love into our home we are pleased to provide him with a forever home.

- Tammy, Support Services Technical Specialist