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July and August 2020

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Sunday, July 19th

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National S'mores Day
Friday, August 10
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International Homeless Animal Day
Sunday, August 16
Side-By-Side Image Comparison

Metron allows veterinarians to compare old and new images side by side and view images in a large-scale format on any large sized monitor.

In addition to the standard window, level, pan, zoom, and measure, Metron features make image viewing very intuitive, while offering a big leap forward in understanding the patient's story. 

With a study-by-study, unified view of all of the patient's images, you can easily track a patient's progression, and view reports with key images on a single page.

For more information on Side-By-Side images, please click here
Update Viewstations Too

If you have completed the Metron 8 upgrade on your acquisition station, each viewstation in your practice needs to be upgraded individually to be able to communicate with your acquisition computer.

Don't see the software update prompt when you turn on your viewstation computer? Contact Metron Support Services for assistance!
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Metron-Hoof: Features for Farriers

Since the beginning, the teams at EponaTech and Metron Support Services have taken great strides in providing veterinarians with the technology they require to help their patients stay healthy. With the help of our most recent variations of the software, we can extend many of these benefits to the farrier and barefoot trimmer communities.

Metron-Hoof has been designed with the farrier or trimmer in mind. Metron stores and organizes images (radiographs, photographs, etc.) for the hoof. It can be used for a wide range of situations, ranging from ongoing health maintenance to documenting unusual cases to research projects. Metron has proven to be an asset for careful on-going hoof health issues and many situations faced by an advanced farrier or trimmer. With the Guided Mark Up features, this software allows for tracking angle changes and other parameters, thus enabling the tracking of potential soundness problems for all patients.  The product includes a customizable scoring system to further help track the evolution of the hoof. 

Metron-Hoof supports the EponaCam application, which transforms any smartphone into a hoof camera and helps collect more accurate data on the hoof. Images of the hoof, both photographic and radiographic, can be measured within the Metron-Hoof product.

Metron-Hoof is now shipped with the Intellect Module for photographs. Some features include: 
  • Automatically locate the Metron Block in photographs and auto-scale, crop, and rotate the image
  • Complete automatic measurement of the hoof for lateral and DP (frontal) photos
To learn more about these two offerings (Metron-Hoof and EponaCam), visit the Epona Website. They offer cutting edge technological products that are user friendly, accessible, and help synergize the efforts of all individuals working together for the good of the horse.
Collaborate Through Metron WebViewer
The Metron Image Share Tool supports visual collaboration whether you are in the same building or across the continent! 

Login via a wide range of any Web browser services, to communicate with colleagues, caregivers, and specialists to view radiographs.  Ask for a second opinion and share additional information, while using the Metron Webviewer advanced visualization tools and measurements! 

Why would you post images? Many reasons! Sharing is caring! 
Plus you can share images with the guided or free markup detail displayed. With that information, you can emphasize areas of interest. Add voice annotation to the image file recording a message for your patient. Posting reports about the study is a definite value as well since you can include the guided markup table of parameters.

There are two approaches to use this feature: 
In Practice Use: If you have several exam rooms and you would like to view X-Ray images with your patient owners, you are able to do so. Or if the doctor would like to look at the images on his/her own office or home computer before consultation.
External Sharing: With this method, you will create a unique user ID - preferably the client phone number. Doctors or technicians would post images and reports either when they receive a request from their client or after the study is completed. Metron users call, email, or text their client providing the Metron  Web-Viewer website, and User ID for client access. 
You can post as much and as often as you would like to the Metron Web-Viewer. Just remember after a week the images and reports will automatically be removed. . 
With the Metron Web-Viewer, you can bring your practice up a notch by sharing valuable Metron X-Ray image information with your patients. 

For additional information and how to use the Metron WebViewer, please click here 
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