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Picture those teeth...diagnostically!

Whether fantastic images or advanced testing aids, Metron has become a leader in  X-Ray imaging for Companion Animal Dental.

Metron Imaging Software produces  valuable images for both bone and soft tissue review.  Most systems can provide adequate “bone” presentation but few can produce quality soft tissue elements.  Even more rare is the system that can serve both interests. See below to view dental-specific online training sessions available.

Dental Positioning Guides for Canine and Feline

Dental Positioning Guides provide the ability to understand the ideal location for the X-Ray device and plate to help produce the best image.  The guides show the animal, the film/plate and the X-Ray source.  

Acquiring Images into Dental Forms

Using a form in your study allows you to create a composite image containing multiple original images. These forms can then be used like any single image in Metron, for example the composite image can be printed, e-mailed, etc.  

Note: Acquiring images to dental forms is only available using a DR dental sensor.

Ladybird during a recent visit to the Metron Support Services office.
Featured Support Pet!
Ladybird, our schan uzer/pitbull/lab mix came to us through a neighbor in 2009.  The first weekend she ran over and snuggled up to us almost immediately. We knew there was no going back!   She loves going for car rides, and literally jumps at least a foot off the ground when she hears " go for a ride."

It's hard to remember life before our Ladybird became a part of the family.  

-Dan, Metron Support Services
All about the images!
Debbie from Buffalo Head Veterinary Clinic recently contacted us regarding burned out images. Tammy updated their Metron Imaging Software to the latest version and provided a custom image technique chart and customized filters for their practice. Dr. Smith now sees great detail and said she is a Metron supported practice for life! It IS all about the GREAT image detail.
Do you already have the Metron Back ME UP service? Want to verify you have a recent backup? Click here for information.
We have your Back...up!
Do you want peace of mind you are getting a good backup of your Metron files?  Do you want to just trust and understand it is working and be informed when it is not?  

How do you qualify for this free service? 

As an active Metron Support Services client with support, you are qualified!  

Contact us today for additional details and together we will secure a backup of your Metron images/files!

Be sure you and your staff visit the support site for
online training sessions located at  The Learning Center .

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