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July/August 2019 - In This Issue:

July-Pet Hydration Awareness Month

National Love is Kind Day
Saturday, July 27

International Cat Day
Thursday, August 8

Left-Handers Day
Tuesday, August 13

National Dog Day
Monday, August 26
Dear Support Services:
      Thank you        
I would like to recognize one of your staff for exceptional client service. Last night our server lost power long enough to exceed battery backup power. We were unable to get Metron to load and had warning messages appearing. We called 1st thing this morning and Mazen took our call. He "saved the day for us"! 

He had us up and running within a few minutes, was able to answer some other questions I had about backups...and, also was able to alert us to a "hardware" problem that should also be looked into (we were not yet aware of that). It's always crazy busy going into a holiday weekend and, it would have been particularly difficult today without radiology capability.

Thanks for your help!!
Dr. Jim Bacon
Cedar Lane Animal Clinic
Holiday Support Hours

Metron Support Services will be closed Labor Day, Monday, September 2 so our team can enjoy the holiday with their family.

Normal business hours of 8:00 am-6:00 pm CDT resume Tuesday, September 3.  See you then!  
Watch for your 
September/October METRONews

The next bi-monthly issue will be emailed Wednesday, September 11.
Are you sending your X-Rays to a referral clinic?
Emailing DICOM Images

You can use the Metron Web-Viewer to post your X-Rays in a DICOM format. Email the link to your referral clinic for their easy and convenient access. 

How does this process work? 

Here are some quick steps:
  1. Highlight the images you would like to post, then click the Send button.
  2. Select Post to Web-Viewer.
  3. Replace the default User ID will a unique ID. For example, use the referral clinic's phone number as it is unique to them. Use dashes or merge the numbers. No spaces are allowed.
  4. Select both Upload DICOM format and allow viewers to download images in this study.
  5. Click the Send button to post to the Web-Viewer. You will see a successfully posted message popup.
  6. Open your email program. Create an email and type in how the referral clinic will need to access the website and User ID.
Example: To access the DICOM images go to and type in the User ID: 877-638-3868 and leave the password field blank. Click Ok. You will then be able to see the study to download the DICOM images.

The referral clinic will have access to these images for one week. The images will be automatically removed after that time. If necessary, you can always repost the DICOM images.

Metron Web-Viewer has made it possible for you to share DICOM images easily without the other clinic needing a server.
-Tammy, Support Services Specialist
Windows 7
Microsoft Support ending January 2020

As of January 14, 2020, updates and support will no longer be available for the Windows 7 operating system. Many of you have called in wondering what this means and if Metron will continue to work. 

The most important thing to know about this  Microsoft announcement is that Microsoft will no longer send security updates to Windows 7 computers. This means Windows 7 will be more vulnerable to external threats and new protection improvements will not be offered.

Your Metron Software will continue to function on your Windows 7 computer and we will continue to support you if you have any troubles with Metron.  However, it is a good idea to begin planning to move your Metron Software to a newer, faster computer running Windows 10. Over time, even Metron, with its growing list of new features, will struggle to work well on older computers running Windows 7.  

Note: While the Metron Software itself runs on Windows 10, your  X-Ray acquisition hardware (DR Panel,  CR Scanner) may not be compatible with Windows 10. 

If you do not know if your X-Ray acquisition hardware is compatible with Windows 10, please make sure to contact us before purchasing a new computer as we will be able to check on the operating system requirements for your particular acquisition hardware.

When your practice does decide to upgrade to a newer computer running Windows 10, call us. We will help you migrate your Metron Software and database to your new computer.


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