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Flag Day
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Summer Solstice
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Tuesday, June 20

Take Your Cat to Work Day
Thursday, June 22

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Take Your Dog to Work Day
Friday, June 23
July 4 Holiday Support 

Metron Support Services will be closed Tuesday, July 4 so our team can celebrate the day with their family and friends. Enjoy the fireworks and festivities of the holiday!

Normal business hours of 8am-6pm CST resume Wednesday, July 5..
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X-Ray Images and Computer Storage
Computer space-as valuable as your Metron images

Some of you may have computers nearing the "Full" mark on the available hard drive space. 

Most of you will find that your computer has plenty of disk space to keep you going for years.  But some of you either started out with really a small computer hard drive or you take alot of X-Rays.  We recently helped a practice with disk space problems - they had taken 16,000 X-Rays.  That many X-Rays filled up a 500 GB hard drive.
How many Metron images have you produced? In Metron, click on the 
Database link on the top menu and then click  Database Tools . You will see the  Count Images button to click at the bottom of this window.  

Locating images in the Trash Can
...AND gain additional hard drive space!

If you are regularly deleting images because of retakes etc, your trash folder will fill up pretty fast. But this also means that most of the images now stored in the "Trash" are not useful. 

When you do mistakenly delete an image and you want to restore, it could be lost in the long list of other deleted images. If the list is long, be aware you may have your valuable image sitting on the "Page 2" of the trash can list. 

Trash can We recommend you regularly empty the Metron trash can so the list is never very long. A short trash can list will make it easy to find and restore the valuable image. Also, by deleting images you do not need, valuable hard drive space is gained. This keeps your computer healthier to better serve your practice. Click the trash can in the lower left corner of the Database Browser panel to begin the process. Choose all images or highlight those you want to delete.

Just keep in mind that once you permanently delete an image, it is unrecoverable.

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