June 2018 - In This Issue:
Celebrating June
Here are a few days to observe!

Hug Your Cat Day
Monday, June 4
(You best make good on this hug!)

National Best Friends Day
Friday, June 8

June 18 thru June 22

Summer Begins!!
Thursday, June 21
Dog Friendly Ballparks

All across this great country of ours, the Major League baseball season is in full swing, literally!

Did you know you can take your dog to the ballpark?  You love hanging out together and now you could be watching a baseball game this summer too.

Check out more details and see if your favorite team is participating.
Backups are Critical

Metron Back ME UP is an onsite backup option available as part of your active Metron Support Services. 
Click here  for more information.
How do you use Metron? What is your best X-Ray story? Here is your chance to share how you are using Metron and tell us about your practice. Maybe you are being creative with Metron...tell us about it! We just ask for a few minutes of your time. 

Contact us to be featured in the METRONews Practice Spotlight.
Watch for your July METRONews

The next monthly issue will be emailed one week later due to the holiday - Tuesday, July 10, 2018.
Metron 8 Coming this Month!

Here is a list of features included in Metron 8!
  • Revised DICOM Send Preferences
  • Adding your Watermark to Metron Images
  • Large Study Scrolling
  • Automatic edits completed in Image Calibrations
  • Uploading to Social Media outlets including Facebook and Twitter
  • Sort by Sequence
  • User-friendly Database Display 
There's also a number of behind the scenes edits that will improve your overall Metron experience.  All of this coming to you later this month.

Keep the ideas for Metron improvements coming! We 
have even provided you an easy way to submit your ideas too.

Want a sneak peek Metron 8? Click here to virtually acquire your first image using Metron 8.

Please note not all X-Ray devices are compatible for the Metron Imaging Software update. The Metron Support Services Team will advise of the Metron version best suited for your practice.
Support Services Highlight
Power Protection - Have you tested it lately?

The lights are flickering, the thunder clashes, lightening flashes, and oops, no one checked the battery backup, did they? Are you ready for summer and all that it brings with it? There is no time like the present to make sure you have a few things in order for the summer season. The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure also holds true for your practice.
If you have not tested your battery backup lately, now is the time to do so. To perform this test:
  1. Shut your server all the way down and power it off.
  2. Unplug it from your battery backup.
  3. Take a common house fan and plug it into the battery backup where your server was connected.
  4. Leave the battery plugged in, so you know the fan runs.
  5. Now unplug the battery backup unit from the wall.
  6. It will beep at you, but your fan should still be operating.
  7. If not, time for a new battery or a newer unit. 
Note: We would recommend a new battery or replacement for units 4 years or older.
We also recommend power surge protection for your server and other computer to help protect power spikes - which is on the bad side of a power fluctuation.  
This is a good time to review your insurance policy for claim status on storm damage. What is covered, what is not? Ask your software vendors what is needed in case of a reload and will it cost you? This is necessary information when reviewing your policy.
Data Backups - are they happening every day? Are they removed from the premises? Make sure you ask all staff responsible for this process to ensure you do not have any gaps.  The storm is not the time to find out if you really have a backup.
Enjoy the sunshine but beware of the rain! Prepare and you will have peace of mind next time the thunder rolls.  

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