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June 2019 - In This Issue:

Pet Appreciation Week
June 2 thru June 8

National Hug Your Cat Day
Tuesday, June 4
That's TODAY!!

National Best Friends Day
Saturday, June 8

Father's Day
Sunday, June 16

Take Your Cat to Work Day
Monday, June 17

Take Your Dog to Work Day
Friday, June 21
(And Summer Begins!)

Social Media Day
Sunday, June 30
July 4 Support Services

July 4
Metron Support Services will be closed Thursday, July 4, so our team can enjoy the picnics, festivals, and all those fireworks with their family and friends. 

If you are back at your practice on Friday, we will be here Our normal business hours of  8:00 am-6:00 pm CDT resume after the holiday, Friday, July 5. 
Schedule Change

Beginning next month, the METRONews will be emailed bi-monthly. Count on the newsletter to hit your inbox the second Wednesday of the first publication month.

Same great news, holidays to celebrate, Metron Software features, and usually an article or two inviting you to learn a bit more about us or our furry family members.
Watch for your 
July/August METRONews

The first bi-monthly issue will be emailed Wednesday, July 17, 2019.
Pesky fat finger with touchscreen keyboard?
Metron helps with voice annotation

You might already know by now in Metron's Annotation Mode, you can measure lengths and angles, create and insert a comment in a text box, and save them with the image data.

Did you know that if your computer has a sound card and a built-in microphone you can capture your Voice Annotation sound for playback? When you close the image, the Voice Annotation notes are saved with the image and can be played back again so you can remember specific lengthy notes right on the Metron  image preview.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy in Metron Imaging Software  after you watch these two videos! Videos do not contain audio.

Meet Copper and Bailey
Support Team Featured Pets

Copper (left) and Bailey were born January 4, 2019. We met them at five weeks old and Bailey never left my side that first day we were introduced. They entered our hearts and our home March 1.

The bernedoodle brother and sister were named after our two favorite destinations: Bailey's Harbor, WI and Copper Harbor, MI. The best of friends who play together, eat together (unsure why I bought two of EVERYTHING), and sleep wherever their weary bodies land after a busy day of play. They have proven to be adventurous even in the winter months holding true to their namesakes early in life.

Lovable, affectionate, and will welcome you home like you have been missing for 50 years, Copper and Bailey have added so much joy and companionship to our lives. They enjoy the city life, but really love the cottage world where they can go for long walks, play in the waves, plus meet so many new friends...both human and canine. At five months old, they are still unsure of their doggy friends at times, but love the adventure.

Thinking of adding puppies to your home? Know that you will be lacking sleep the first four weeks as you potty train and bond with your pup(s). We still think back to those weeks and wonder how we managed. Their unconditional love and "help" around the yard have erased those sleepless nights!
- Anne, Graphics Specialist


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