March & April METRONews
Time to Spring Clean!

Think about the last time you tried to clean up your Metron Database:
  • Do you have owners, patients or studies with no images in your Metron Database?
  • Do you have cluttered records in Metron Databases that need to be archived or cleaned up?
  • Are you cleaning up duplicate owners or patients because there's no way to merge them without taking a carefully measured risk?
If you think it is a lost cause, perhaps this is the year you need to devote time by calling us to perform a Metron Database archive and cleanup of your X-Ray files. You'll see the rewards in increased PC performance.

Get into the habit! Set an annual date on your calendar to call us at  1-877-638-3868  so we can archive your Metron Database and cleanup the unwanted records.
Introducing the Small Animal
Intellect Module
Metron 8 has the ability to measure your DR X-Rays for you automatically.

With the optional Intellect Module, Metron is the only veterinary X-Ray acquisition imaging product that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI utilizes the power of neural networks trained with veterinary deep learning techniques. While acquiring images, this allows Metron to automatically identify, rotate, crop, calibrate, assess positioning, measure, and create reports for operators.

The equine industry has been able to utilize this feature within Metron for a number of years, but this technology is continuously being enhanced and is now expanding on the companion animal side.  

Metron is currently capable of completing the following markups for your canines automatically:
Vertebral Heart Score (VHS)
Norberg Hip Angle (NHA)

The VHS will indicate whether your dog’s heart is enlarged or is in the normal size range. The NHA provides a metric of the depth of the hip socket and thus an indicator of risk for hip disease and dysplasia.

We have a vigorous development roadmap and will be adding more and more capabilities in the coming months and years. A future release will include the Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) markup and is projected to be released this Summer.

Note: Your computer must have a minimum of 16GB, Intel i7, and Windows 10. Your X-Ray system must be a DR system with Metron 8.3.98 or newer.

- Tammy, Support Services Technical Specialist
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