March 2017 - In This Issue:
Celebrating March 

There are always a few days in each month that are extra special to many or maybe just you!!

Here are a few days to enjoy...

St. Patrick's Day 
Friday, March 17

The First Day of Spring 
Monday, March 20....what a way to brighten a Monday!

International Goof Off Day
Wednesday, March reach with this one, how fun!!

National Puppy Day
Thursday, March 23

Metron Manual Backup 

Mobile Practitioner? Do you take your practice on the road? Metron Support Services has a solution to secure a backup of your Metron files that does not require Internet access. Metron Manual Backup is an onsite option you control from your desktop. Unlike our Metron Back ME UP service, this solution is performed and monitored by you. It could be the perfect backup option for your mobile practice.
Metron Web-Viewer/ Metron App Update

Metron App

We apologize to everyone who experienced the issue with posting to the Metron Web-Viewer or Metron App during the time it was down. Our technicians have worked hard and have developed a fix. If you are still experiencing issues posting to these programs, please contact us at the support number.
Watch for your April METRONews...

The next monthly issue will be emailed Tuesday, April 4, 2017.
New Places...New Faces
Metron Support Services is on the move and we are taking all these new people with us!
Metron Support Services will be moving this month!! We are excited for the office expansion and even more thrilled with all the new staff members who have recently joined our team!!

Experience and interests run the gamut from crunching numbers to technical and development experience to shipping and inventory. 

Just a few quotes from those newest to Metron Support Services...perhaps you can place the quote with the person!!

"I've loved computers and technology ever since I built my first computer.  I've worked in the Dental IT field for the past three years. I enjoy attending Packers and Brewer games with my family and friends."

"I'm an avid outdoors-man. Hunting, fishing, playing sports and enjoying the wilderness every chance I get"

"My experience here has been wonderful so far, this truly is a great team that we have, and I look forward to everything we might accomplish together!!!"

And from somone who loves baseball.....a fitting quote for anyone who is a member of a team....

"The name on the front of the jersey represents who you play for, the name on the back of the jersey represents who raised you. Do them both justice." - Baseballisms

Join us in welcoming Lisa, Erin, Justin, Jim, Steve, Kurt, Dan, and Ryan to your support team!
Metron Employee Featured Pets
We adopted Salvatore and Tolkien from the Humane Society in December as an early Christmas present for our family. Originally we were looking to adopt a dog but were unable to find the right fit, the moment we walked in to the cat section I heard a tiny meow and saw big yellow eyes staring up at me. The tiny kitten pawing at me through the bars had a shadow right on his tail who followed him everywhere. 

We soon learned that these two were foster brothers and we couldn't bring ourselves to adopt one without the other. Taking both of them home with us we gave them the names of two of our favorite authors and introduced them to our elated kids. They fight and play like brothers and make us laugh every day with their antics. 

We can't imagine our lives without them and they have made our family complete!

- Brianna Hanson - Customer Services Representative

Metron Support Services
340 North Broadway Street | Suite 355 | Green Bay, WI 54303 
New address as of March 20, 2017
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