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May and June 2020

National Endangered Species Day
Friday, May 15

National Rescue Dog Day
Wednesday, May 20

National Smile Day
Sunday, May 31

Random Acts of Light Day
Saturday, June 13

First Day of Summer
Saturday, June 20

Take Your Dog to Work Day
Friday, June 26
Metron Milestone: 
11 Years! 

Here at Metron Support Services, we are happy to be 11 and even more proud to assist all the doctors, technicians, and staff at your practice. 

We want you to achieve the best X-Ray images for your patient diagnostics from the first X-Ray image of the day to the last patient appointment. 

We strive for excellence in our customer support, answering your questions, troubleshooting issues, and training you and your staff on all the Metron Imaging Software features.

If you ever have questions about your Metron Imaging Software, contact us! We also schedule one-on-one phone training and can always assist when you are experiencing problems. 

We have been your support service for 11 years and we thank you for supporting us from year one! 
Metron Holiday Hours
Metron Support Services will be closed:
  • Monday, May 25th in observance of Memorial Day.
  • Friday, July 3rd in observance of Independence Day.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy your holiday weekends!
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July / August 2020 METRONews
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Metron Features:
P3 Analysis Tool
The palmar-metric gives a measure of the volume of the concavity on the solar side of the equine coffin bone. This may be helpful in measuring the health of the hoof and assessing the effect of environmental factors and age on the coffin bone.

Radiographic assessment of the equine foot has been part of the veterinary evaluation for over 70 years. Multiple radiographic projections are used to thoroughly evaluate the bones of the digit so an opinion can be rendered regarding the presence of pathology, as well as, the nature and severity of that pathology. 

In the equine digit remodeling of the distal phalange is an important indicator of the overall health of the foot. Recently, the authors have investigated a new method based on the Lateromedial (LM) radiograph of the equine digit which allows us to estimate the relative 'flatness' or 'cuppiness' of the solar surface of the pedal bone.
The P3 Analysis Tool within Merton 8 has been updated for easier use. This feature allows you to analyze the coffin bone in equine patients. 
  1. Click the P3 Analysis Button.
  2. Using the Mouse Pick Method, pick points along the palmar curve of the coffin bone that intersect with each yellow line. Another option is utilizing the original Mouse Drag Method to manually draw the curve.
  3. Click Compute to see the value of the palmar curve.
  4. You can then compare this coffin bone to a database of similar horses by selecting Compare to Database. This comparable data is pulled based on the input of the date of birth.
  5. Click Add Image to Study to save this comparison chart, or click OK to exit the P3 Analysis.
Please click here for a printer friendly version.

Support Services Technician Specialist
Reminder: End of Windows 7 Support
On January 14, 2020, Microsoft officially ended support for its 11-year-old operating system, Windows 7. 

While your Metron PC(s) currently running Windows 7 will continue to function as normal, these PCs no longer receive security updates from Microsoft. This means they are more vulnerable to malware attacks and security issues. Additionally, having a Windows 7 computer on your network could potentially make your entire network less secure. Finally, most computers purchased with Windows 7 preinstalled were already several years old, upgrading to a newer, more modern PC with Windows 10 Professional will improve performance.

As long as your Metron acquisition hardware is Windows 10 Professional-compatible, Metron Support Services strongly recommend upgrading your Metron X-Ray acquisition & viewstation computers to more up-to-date PCs running Windows 10 Professional. 

As Metron evolves with its growing list of new features, Metron will struggle to work well on older computers running Windows 7.  

When your organization is ready to upgrade to a newer Metron computer running Windows 10 Professional, please do not hesitate to call us so we can help you verify your acquisition hardware is Windows 10 Professional compatible. One of our Metron technicians will help advise you on compatibility as well as provide you with the Metron Technical Requirements guide. Work with your I.T. staff to source an appropriate PC for Metron based on these technical requirements. 

After your organization procures an upgraded PC for Metron,  schedule your Metron migration. Migration to a new Metron PC is included with your Metron support; we would be glad to help you migrate your Metron software and database to your new computer!

Metron Support Services Technical Specialist