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May 2019 - In This Issue:
Celebrating May
Here are a few days to observe!

National Pet Week
May 5 thru May 11

National Dog Mom's Day
Saturday, May 11

National Pizza Party Day
Friday, May 17
Celebrate at your practice!

National Rescue Dog Day
Monday, May 20

National Memorial Day
Monday, May 27

National Smile Day
Friday, May 31
Memorial Day Support

Metron Support Services will be closed Memorial Day, Monday, May 27 so our team can enjoy the day with their family and friends. 

Be sure to pause on this day to thank the brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom we enjoy today and everyday.

Normal business hours of 8am-6pm CDT resume Tuesday, May 28. 
Have you updated?


Note: Not all X-Ray devices are compatible for the Metron Imaging Software update. The Metron Support Services Team will advise of the Metron version best suited for your practice.
Online Support Forms

Want to submit your support request online? Have a Metron Software feature you would like to suggest?

Now you can inform the team at Metron Support Services using online forms available on the website! 

Go to the  Contact page and click the form you want to complete.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Watch for your 
June METRONews

The next monthly issue will be emailed Tuesday, June 4, 2019.
May is extra special around here
Happy Birthday to Metron Support

Birthdays and anniversaries are a BIG DEAL in our office. We celebrated seven team members in April and this month everyone at Metron Support Services is cheering loud and oh so proud in honor of our 10th birthday. Yay!!!!!

"We are so thankful for all our wonderful customers!  Whether you are new to us or have been with us for many years, we appreciate you!  You have helped make us the successful company we are today. Thank You!"  
- Robin, President/COO

Looking back over the years, it has been exciting to grow as a team and as a company. What we may not have known then, we learned from experience and support from you.

"Remembering back at this time ten years ago, I was told we were going be supporting software for taking X-Rays. At first, all I could think of was how I have never even seen an actual X-Ray let alone use X-Ray software. I was very excited; however, I was also a little nervous about supporting Metron. 

Participating in my first Wet Lab, I was learning and teaching a great deal simultaneously. It was a great adventure of studying all the fantastic features Metron has to offer and training all the wonderful Metron clients on how to use them. Seeing the changes from the onset to where Metron is today is incredible. 

Supporting Metron is ever-changing due to the improvements and added enhancements. Making sure clients understand how to use their Metron software makes it very enjoyable." 
- Tammy, Support Services Technician Specialist  

Our client's have always benefited from the software upgrades. The expert and friendly staff is available to educate, troubleshoot, and assist you with all the new software features and imaging techniques.

Having witnessed the evolution of Metron over the years, it's been exciting to see Metron become more robust and feature-rich with each new release. 
Updates over the years have included changes that are both user-facing (Metron 8's new look and feel, surgical templates, mark-up options) as well as features that are more behind the scenes (Intelect Module AI, additional DICOM capabilities, expanded integration with various practice management software). 
With any new version of Metron, the development team keeps the practitioner in mind. One of our core values is providing the very best experience for clients so you have the latest & greatest cutting-edge tools needed when working with radiographs. 
If the past years are any indication, Metron will only get better! 
- Dan, Support Services Technician
On to the next 10!!
Spring is the perfect time
Database Archive and Cleanup

Are you wasting valuable resources on your acquisition X-Ray PC (Disk Space, Memory, CPU) that causes your Metron Imaging Software to perform slow? Are you receiving constant notifications from our Customer Service Team that your disk space is low?

Think about the last time you tried to clean up your Metron Database....can't remember?
  • Do you have owners, patients or studies with no images in your Metron Database?
  • Do you have unnecessary cluttered records in your Metron Database that need to be archived or cleaned up?
  • Do you hate cleaning up the duplicate owners or patients because there's just no simple way to merge them without taking a carefully measured risk?
There are some good tools out there now in your Metron Software. So if you think it is a lost cause, perhaps this is the year you need to devote time by calling us to perform basic Metron Database archive and cleanup of your X-Ray files. You'll see the rewards in increased PC performance.

Get into the habit! Set an annual date on your calendar to call us at  1-877-638-3868  so we can archive your Metron Database and cleanup the unwanted records. We can then host a mini celebration when you complet e the tas k!

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