November 2017 - In This Issue:
Celebrating November
Here are a few days to observe!

Veterans Day
Saturday, November 11

Friday, November 17
(Take your dog with you!)

National Play Monopoly Day
Sunday, November 19

Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, November 23
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It is easy to say Hello

It is easy to participate in celebrating this day. Simply say hello to 10 people Tuesday, November 21! World Hello Day was started in 1973 as way to promote world peace.

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Honoring OUR Veterans
Always good to honor one (or more) of your own
Life is a journey and can be impacted and influenced by many varying life events and deciding to join the military.

Jim comes from a military family and was 22 when he decided he wanted to serve in the Army. It was during the time of Desert Storm.

"It shaped me because I continue to push myself everyday like the military did. I want to do a good job at whatever I do."

Joel has 26 years of service and retired as a US Navy Commander CDR. And Joel's defining moment? 

"I had 26 yrs of defining moments because I was always proud of serving my Country.  But one memorable moment was flying a group of Marines from Fort Worth to Andrews Air Force Base right after 9/11 to help guard the Pentagon.  There were no commercial planes in the air.  An extremely defining moment knowing the world had just changed."

" Every single soldier I see who came back from their deployment impacted me.  The looks on their faces and trying to imagine what they might have went through. It made me grateful for what I have and made me think about how much they sacrificed for me."  
Veterans Day Awareness March

Saturday, November 11, 2017 is Veteran's Day. It is a United States holiday set aside to honor those people who have served in the United States Armed Forces. It is not only a day to recognize those who continue to service our country, but to remember the men and women who died protecting our freedoms.

Locally, the 4th H.O.O.A.H. WI has organized its 5th annual 20 Mile Suicide Awareness March this Veterans Day,  November, 11, 2017, to raise money for Veteran suicide awareness and prevention.  Since the most recent study shows 20 Veterans commit suicide every day, this event is a 20-mile or 2-mile march.  The march will take place in Green Bay, WI.

Metron Support Services Team Members will support this event with donations and participation. For all that our veterans have done for us, it seems like such a small way to honor and support them, but our hearts are huge and grateful on this day and throughout the year.


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