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"Wanted to thank Metron for providing us with the technology we used to enter into this years Veterinary Practice News "They Ate What ?" contest. We were chosen as a finalist and voting is currently underway to determine the winner. We couldn't have done it without your AWESOME imaging gear !! THANK YOU !!!!"

Jason Smith, Emergency Veterinary Services of Lisle, IL

About the image and the patient: After they had woken up to their cat with a metal spiral object stuck in its mouth, an Illinois owner took their feline in to see Amanda Smith, DVM, at the Emergency Veterinary Services of Lisle in Lisle, Ill. At first, Dr. Smith thought the cat swallowed a fishhook, but it turned out to be a 7-inch spirally wound metal with a plastic pink tip. The object was stuck in the cat’s nasopharynx (part of the throat near the nasal cavity), so Dr. Smith had to cut into the top of cat’s soft palate to remove the object. The cat recovered without any issues!

Note: At the time of this newsletter publication, Emergency Veterinary Services of Lisle had the most votes in the contest!

Veterinary Technicians!
The week of October 9-15, 2016 is especially set aside to give a special "shout out" to all the veterinary technicians in your practice! Thanks to you an ordinary day can become extraordinary for a pet owner.

National Veterinary Technician Week is sponsored by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America.
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