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October 2018 - In This Issue:
Celebrating October
Here are a few days to observe!

National Walk your Dog Week
First Week of October

National Kick Butt Day
Monday, October 8

National Veterinary Technician Week
October 14 thru October 20

National Make A Difference Day
Saturday, October 27

National Cat Day
Monday, October 29

National Cook for your Pets Day
Thursday, November 1
Your pets will appreciate I mentioned this holiday early just for them!

Metron Imaging Software

FREE Training Available

Remember to contact us when you are ready to take on an additional Metron Software Training Session. 

This is LIVE phone training available with one of our Metron Support Services technicians for as many doctors and staff who would benefit. 

It is generally planned for one hour or less and can be personalized for you so let us know the Metron Software features you would like to cover.  

Metron Software Training is included as part of your Metron Support Services. Call us at 877.638.3868 to schedule your time. 

Update Viewstations too!

Don't forget to update your viewstations as they also need to be running Metron 8 to communicate with an acquisition station which 
has already been upgraded to the Metron 8 Imaging Software.

Don't see the software update prompt when you turn on your viewstation computer?  Contact Metron Support Services for assistance!

Watch for your November METRONews

The next monthly issue will be emailed Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

October Practice Spotlight
Meet Kodiak Veterinary Hospital

If you are a Hospital Manager, you understand how busy your day can be. We thank Dennis for spending a little time with us! 

Kodiak Veterinary Hospital is a companion animal practice providing alternative and conventional veterinary care. Dr. Masuma Barrett offers both Western and Eastern medicines. By taking a holistic approach with clients, her philosophy allows for a better outcome for patients...both for pain management and long-term care. 

So, what is so cool about the Metron Imaging Software used in your day-to-day? Metron works great with their Practice Management Software ensuring the electronic medical records remain accurate. Dennis still appreciates the level of dedication shown by Metron when Kodiak was first opening, making sure the integration with their Cornerstone software was smooth.
Masuma Barrett, DVM, MS, CVA

But the quality of the images really tell the story.  Metron assists with most patient cases because of the great image quality -  helpful to practitioners when trying to diagnose a problem. Even their referral service has provided positive feedback to them regarding images sent their way. Metron is making everyone's job easier benefiting doctor, staff, patient, and owner!

Even on a good day, a practice could require some support assistance...answer a software question or help with an image.  Dennis appreciates the service the Metron Support Team provides. He stated their hospital has been open for approximately five years, and out of the hundreds of vendors they have worked with during that time, the staff at Metron has offered the best quality of interaction.

And that is why we are here.

Click here  for Dr. Barrett's inspiration to become a veterinarian!

Your practice can be next!  Contact us to be featured in the METRONews Practice Spotlight.
Support Services Featured Pet
Happy Golden Birthday Ryder!

Tomorrow, October 3 marks Ryder's Golden Birthday! He has become such a dutiful and ever present big brother to now two little sisters who love nothing more than to lay on the floor or couch with him. He has acted as a resting pillow after long days at school and even helped our youngest, Joanna to her feet!

His favorite activity has gone from running circles around his best Siberian Husky friend, Ranger, to long dog naps on the porch. When he isn't chasing his tail in his dreams he loves taking long walks and seeing what woodland creatures he can chase up a tree. And just a note - no woodland creatures were harmed in the making of this article. 

While Ryder and I have our disagreements as to whether or not mom should share her king size bed, his handsome face wins more often than I care to admit. He has been such a wonderful addition to our family and we are looking forward to getting him a four- legged playmate soon! :) 

Erin - Support Services Representative


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