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Metron Web-Viewer...images to share

Keeping your pet healthy to share moments like these is important. Veterinarians have been able to share X-Ray images with colleagues and owners for years.

With the latest Metron 7.40 release, you and your recipient of the images are able to do more aiding the diagnosis of family pets.

Today, new image manipulation features are available in the Metron Web-Viewer. 

  • Zoom in or zoom out
  • Brighten or darken the image
  • Adjust the contrast
  • Easily reset the image to its original state by clicking the reset buttons
  • Images are now larger on the screen
  • Download a single image or an entire study
  • Download as JPG or DICOM
  • Distribute images of complete studies as JPG or DICOM format.  

Many practices are also using the Web-Viewer as their tool of choice for exam room image presentation to pet owners - a great use of the Web-Viewer! Alternatively, you may want to implement a Metron Viewstation for your doctors to display images in full functionality. 

Note - Images cannot be sent to another party from the Metron Web-Viewer website. If you want to send images to a referral practice (for example), you must go back to the original Metron Study and click the "Send" button to send the images. Be sure to use the unique User ID you created for the referral practice and email the details to them.

If you are new to the Metron Web-Viewer or would like to review its features, check out this instructional document and begin sharing those Metron X-Ray images!

It has been 15 years ...
Just taking the time to honor all the men, women and those who trained our four-legged service dogs for their unwavering dedication, courage and support when we have needed them the most. 

A hero's farewell was deserved for one 9/11 service dog, Bretagne. A hero's THANK YOU to all for your service.
Featured Support Pets!
This brother/sister duo do not often share "space".  Chief and Diva are living the life suited to their names...just ask their owner, Tammy - one of your Metron Support Services Technicians! is National Cat Month. Just another 30 days to shine for Diva and Chief ....and perhaps your feline friend too!
Looking to buy new?
Updating or replacing your computer? Be sure to contact Metron Support Services to ensure a successful transfer of your Metron Imaging Software and Database.  

Click here for the technical requirements for a new laptop. Purchasing a tablet PC? This document targets technical detail for tablets. Contact us if questions!

Be sure you and your staff visit the support site for
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