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September and October 2019

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Metron Support Services welcomes all the new practices who are receiving this newsletter for the first time! METRONews is a bi-monthly newsletter emailed the second Wednesday of every other month. If you would like to catch up on the news from prior issues, click here for access to additional stories.
Keep Your Images Safe
Backing up your Metron Database
to our Cloud Service provides:
  • 500GB storage capacity for Metron Software and working database located on your internal hard drive C:\
  • Automated and monitored by Metron Support Services
  • No charge to restore Metron database
  • Cost: $75/year
Note: High Speed Internet Required. 
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Metron Feature Spotlight
Metron VetLogin Feature!
Preferences on viewing and editing images vary between each doctor and tech throughout the clinic. 

- Protect your assets and customize which users are able to access the various features Metron has to offer.

Maintain consistency of clinic staff and establish editing permissions for each log-in option (Veterinarian, Operator, and Administrator) allowing them to access only the features they utilize on a regular basis.

- Veterinarian and Operator Accounts
  • While taking time to setup, consider logging existing radiographic images and assigning those as well.  
  • Different accounts can have unique permissions assigned. Staff accessing the images can also be monitored.
  • Accounts can be managed directly with an Administrator login.
We encourage you to call us at 877-638-3868 and discuss your VetLogin needs with our technical team!

- Mazen, Support Services Technical Specialist
Featured Pet Spotlight
Meet Jericho and Maisie!

I first saw Jericho, aka Jerry (right) while browsing a popular "available for adoption" site one December day in 2012. When I came across his profile, I knew I needed to meet him. I met 1 year old Jerry, named Bean at the time, and immediately sensed him trying to show off his best behavior to win me over. It worked! I brought him home shortly after and he has been my best friend ever since. He's been at my side every possible minute for the last 7 years and is always ready for the next adventure I have in store for him.

Maisie (left) came into our lives while I was volunteering at a local shelter in 2017. She arrived at the shelter as a stray, was approximately 1 year old, and her body showed signs she had very recently had puppies. She was reserved and timid, especially around men. I gave her some one-on-one time, just sitting on the floor waiting for her to come to me, and it didn't take long for her to let me in. Once her wall was down, she became the sweetest, most affectionate little girl ever. I brought Jericho to meet Maisie soon after, and now they are inseparable .

Jerry has helped immensely in teaching Maisie how to be more confident in herself. When they aren't chasing or wrestling each other, they can be found curled up together. Jerry is my rock, and Maisie never disappoints to brighten the day with a goofy face or gentle kiss. I can't imagine life without either of them.

Eric, Support Services Technical Specialist 


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