METRONews - Summer 2022
Metron Features Spotlight
Metron Dental Forms
Dental Forms 2012
The simplicity of using Metron is incredible. However, we want to ensure you don’t miss out on all the additional features Metron offers. Metron-Dental contains a complete dental solution for cats and dogs, including forms for teeth charts, positioning guides with a 3-D skull for client education, and support for oral cameras and other devices.
These and other value-added features make the Metron product unique in the veterinary imaging world.

If you have used the built-in forms and find they don’t meet your needs, don’t worry. Metron Support Services has worked with several clinics to create customized dental forms. These additional forms are simple to use and can be personalized to meet your needs. Metron forms can be an excellent value-added service you can provide to your clients. Once a form is in a study, it can be displayed on a Metron Viewstation or sent to the client through email, Metron Web Viewer, or printed out for them to take home. 

To have these additional custom forms added to your Metron Software, please reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

Metron Support Services
Time to Update Your Metron
Metron Support Services is keeping you up-to-date! We have packed Metron 8.3.124 with new features, some of which started as ideas and requests from you... the doctors and technicians who use the Metron Software every day. Thank you!
Here is a list of features included in Metron 8.3.124!
  • Revised DICOM receive preferences
  • Image processing filters improvements
  • Updated database repair tool
  • Notification on sending emails larger than 5MB
  • Restricts sending excessively large emails which exceed 10MB (We recommend using the Metron Web Viewer instead to send your images)
  • Improvements to the Intellect Engine including auto-generated reports (Optional Feature)

There are also several behind-the-scenes edits that will improve your overall Metron experience.
Keep the ideas for Metron improvements coming! We have even provided you with an easy way to submit your ideas too.
We are currently getting this update out to you either by phone call or by sending it through the Auto Update method. You can also reach out to us to schedule your update.

Please note that not all X-Ray devices are compatible for the Metron Imaging Software update. The Metron Support Services Team will advise of the Metron version best suited for your practice.
Metron Support Services Holiday Hours

Metron Support Services will be closed:

  • Monday, September 5th, 2022 in observance of Labor Day.

Normal business hours of 8:00 am - 6:00 pm CDT resume Tuesday after the holiday.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy your holiday weekend!
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