METRONews - Winter 2022
Metron Archiving Solutions
As we ring in the New Year, don't forget to include your Metron X-Ray computer in your New Year's Resolutions. Surely, this resolution can easily be kept as Metron Support Services is here to help! 

We have recently noticed an uptick in calls from clients receiving alert messages that their Metron computer's built-in hard drive is almost full. Should you receive a disk space alert such as this, know Metron Support Services can help determine where the space is being utilized.

In many cases, the Metron database is indeed taking up the most space on your Metron computer's built-in hard drive. Once your database grows larger than your Metron computer's built-in hard drive can accommodate, several options are available. One of these options includes archiving off an older portion of your database into its own separate "Archive" database and relocating this newly-created archive database to an external hard drive or a server location. Freeing up space on your Metron computer's built-in hard drive will allow you to continue acquiring new images. You will also still have access to your older images in Metron by selecting the "Archive Database."

Please don't hesitate to contact Metron Support Services to discuss this archiving option to free up disk space on your built-in hard drive or any other available options. We can help and provide information to allow you to make an informed decision.

We are always happy to help!
Food Drive Success
We, here at Metron Support Services, like to do our part to help out our local community and we also like a little friendly competition.

So we had an exciting food drive competition within our own company. The winning team was able to pick the charity of their choice to receive all the raised food items. This competition was a month-long event and we brought in over 1,200 non-perishable food items.

These food items were donated to the Veteran’s Housing and Recovery Program here in Green Bay, WI. It was a humbling experience delivering the food to these Veterans who were very grateful to receive such a large donation. Donations like these are essential in the successful operation of their program as they are currently housing 17 Veterans. Afterward, we received a hand-signed Thank You letter from all the Veterans in their program, which melted our hearts.

We hope to provide more outreach to our community in the upcoming new year!

Happy New Year!
Metron Support Services
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