Volume 3 | December 2016
Alumni Newsletter
December is coming to a close and the new year is just around the corner! Do you have any educational resolutions for 2017?
  News from the Helena Office: 
Montana Educational Talent Search has recently hired Michael LeaderCharge to serve as the Re-Entry Manager for students who’ve previously been enrolled in the ETS program in our Target Schools from Great Falls, Browning, Crow, Northern Cheyenne, and Flathead.  If you have questions about going back to College or need help with FAFSA, College Applications, Scholarships, or other barriers that are preventing you from completing a degree contact Michael LeaderCharge at 406-444-5608, or mleadercharge@montana.edu.  
Career Cluster:
Health and Science Technology
Careers in the Health and Science Technology cluster  work towards promoting health and wellness. Other careers in this cluster focus on diagnosing and treating injuries or diseases.  

Job Spotlight: Dental Assistant
Dental Assistants have varying tasks, depending on where they work. Some tasks they could be responsible for include handing instruments and tools to dentists, keeping patient's mouth clear, teach general oral health care, and recording treatment information. 
Have you signed up for the Photovoice project yet?! Click the image below to email our VISTA, who is organizing the project, for more information. 
Udall Foundation: Native American Congressional Internship
Are you working toward positive solutions to issues that impact Indian country?

Would you like to learn an insider’s view of federal Indian policy?

The application closes January 31st so find out more today!

More information on the internship
Reminder: FAFSA opened Oct. 1st but you can still fill it out!
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