FINAL 2019 AHFA HOME and Housing Credit Plans & 
DRAFT 2019 Multifamily Funding Application Forms Package 

The  DRAFT 2019 Multifamily Funding Application Forms Package (Application Forms Package) is provided for review. It is offered in an effort to assist applicants understanding of the AHFA Application requirements.  

Please review the Application Forms Package in the context of the project(s) you plan to submit during the 2019 competitive cycle. AHFA will accept input regarding the application forms for consideration and possible revision. Please use the  Question Submission Form  to detail comments, questions, suggestions for further improvement and/or concerns.  Submit the completed Question Submission Form(s) to AHFA via email at  until November 9, 2018.

This Application Forms Package is subject to revision 
and may change significantly prior to the release of the 
Final 2019 Multifamily Funding Application. 

Please DO NOT use this version 
in preparation to submit a 2019 application.