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As Michigan begins its incremental reopening, now is the time for manufacturers to develop and execute plans to resume in-person operations. Executive Order 2020-70, issued just last Friday, allows additional segments of previously suspended work to resume. In addition to construction, building trades and real estate, effective at midnight tonight, workers critical to modifying workplaces to forestall the spread of COVID-19 infections may resume operations.

Click here to access MFG Tools for
Safe & Productive Operations

MMA has developed MFG Tools for Safe & Productive Operations to help you develop your plan for business resumption and to identify partners that can help with procedures and equipment for critical operational elements like virus mitigation, enhanced facility disinfection, employee screening and training, financial resources, risk management and legal services.

This interactive digital tool integrates leading safety standards for manufacturers with direct contact information for MMA member companies that have demonstrated a commitment to the vitality of Michigan’s manufacturing sector. We encourage you to reach out to the companies included in the MFG Tools for Safe & Productive Operations to help you deal with the challenges facing your business.

This evolving document will have new resources and guidelines added just as our situation surrounding COVID-19 and a safe and productive workplace evolves. If you have expertise or resources to share, contact MMA’s Delaney McKinley at 517-487-8530 or

Thank you for your membership and for your leadership in our collective effort to combat the COVID-19 health and economic crises.