Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association Announces 2017 Board
MFGA Board 2017 brings solid roster together with new governance and bylaws refresh

Winnipeg, Mb, February 7, 2017 - Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association (MFGA) announced their 2017 Board of Directors at their Annual General Meeting in Brandon last week. 
Killarney's Dave Koslowsky retains the chair position for his second year at the non-profit organization's helm. The MFGA executive committee was rounded out with the announcements of Virden's Darren Chapman as vice-chair and Ryan Boyd of Forrest, MB as finance committee chair. 
"Our MFGA board took some giant organizational steps over the past year with a hard look inward and an update of our existing governance and bylaws," says Koslowsky. "As a board, we decided last year that to make the most meaningful impact and to realize our best potential for MFGA across Manitoba's agricultural industry, we needed to look at how we conduct business first. I feel very confident this new governance structure will bring MFGA into more conversations and dialogues on behalf of the producers we represent." 
Koslowsky said adding Chapman and Boyd to the MFGA executive were solid signals of the MFGA's full intentions of keeping the organization accelerating and gaining momentum as an agricultural producer group advocating for grasses and forages and the benefits they provide. 
"Darren is well-known and well-regarded across Manitoba for his work on the Chapman family farm as well as his work on the Manitoba Hay Exporter file. Darren will bring a strong business sense and a strong network to the vice-chair position," says Koslowsky. "Ryan Boyd is one of Manitoba's brightest lights on regenerative farming with livestock, grazing, soil health and cover crops and is a sought after speaker and expert for the ways his family farms. Ryan is well aware of the financial stability that MFGA seeks through partnerships and our existing programs and will bring a sharp eye with him to our efforts." 
Boyd's executive position is brand new for the MFGA. Chapman replaces Henry Nelson, longtime MFGA board member who retired from the board to focus his full attention on the MFGA Aquanty Project as project manager. Other long-time board members to step down were University of Manitoba's Dr. Kim Ominski, who deferred the U of M's one ex-officio position on the board to colleague Emma McGeough, and Lorne Rossnagel of Plumas, Mb. Koslowsky acknowledged the experience of the trio departing would be felt, however, he was extremely optimistic around the new group going forward. 
"As soon as our 2017 MFGA board was finalized, I felt we had a very strong well-represented board," says Koslowsky. "We have both experienced and young producers, conservation interests, commodity groups and government leads who are all motivated and engaged. Grass connects all of us. It's going to be a productive year for MFGA." 
For More Information: 
Duncan Morrison, MFGA Executive Director, (204) 770-3548 

MFGA 2017 Board Members 
MFGA Executive
Dave Koslowsky (Killarney), Chair; Darren Chapman (Virden), Vice Chair; Ryan Boyd (Forrest), Finance Chair
Producer Representatives
Glen Campbell (Onanole), Andrea Hamilton (Glenboro), Kristelle Harper (Brandon), Jim Lintott (Dugald), Larry Wegner (Virden), Dave Koslowsky (Killarney), Ryan Boyd (Forrest) 
Appointed Commodity Group or Associations/Member 
Lawrence Knockaert, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba; Gord Adams, MB Beef Producers; Darren Chapman, Manitoba Hay Exporters 
Ex-Officio Board Members
Mae Elsinger, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Charlotte Crawley, Ducks Unlimited Canada; Pam Iwanchysko, Manitoba Agriculture; Emma McGeough, Faculty of Agriculture & Food Sciences, University of Manitoba  

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