Letter from the Founder
Here’s to a brighter New Year 2021
The advent of COVID this past year has really impacted our industry and caused many of us to come up with creative ways to keep earning a living doing what we love by going online with virtual classes, training & coaching. 
This has certainly created an awakening on the importance of health & wellness and strengthened my passion even more for this project that I founded in 2013.
I believe we are in a perfect storm for the fitness industry.
Beyond COVID we are still facing a chronic disease, obesity, opioid and mental health crisis. This is an opportunity for the fitness/health clubs and fitness professionals to up-level our education and services to be the front line of healthcare by aiding in the management and prevention of chronic disease. Doing so can position us to be an "essential part of the healthcare & business community".
This is a time where we can expand our offerings and scope of practice to the largest, fastest growing demographic in the US (the world).
This summer, I invited JR Burgess to join me in a leadership role as the CEO of MedFit Network. Many of you may have had the chance to meet him at one of our conferences.
I will still remain the founder and the CEO of the MedFit Education Foundation, this sister nonprofit organization.
Our strategic plan for 2021 is dedicated to implementing action steps that help our members and beyond fill in the gaps that have prevented successful adoption and integration of medical fitness worldwide. Next-level fitness and healthcare need a next-level business model. 
We’re starting a MedFit Network Mentorship program as we are committed to supporting you in being your best self, living your best life, and making the greatest contribution and impact that you can.
It means connection, strategy, structure, implementation, collaboration, community and pouring your work into proven business and communication principals so you can have the impact, income, and life you desire. 
We have other exciting things in the pipeline and will be making announcements in the coming weeks. Thank you for being part of this project and this community of like-minded professionals.
I would LOVE to hear from you! Let me know if you have any questions about the MedFit project, ideas, suggestions, or if you would like to become more involved in our Ambassador Program. We are powered by passionate people, like you who want to make a difference

Happy Holidays to you and yours,
Lisa Dougherty, Founder
MedFit Network
MedFit Education Foundation
Apply for the MedFit Network Mentorship
Over the years, our team of leaders has been creating successful business models and we’ve merged forces to share the proven business principles we’ve learned; with our combined experience in medical fitness and health care, we’ve created a proven medical fitness business system and community called the MedFit Network Mentorship.

You can call it a mastermind for fitness and health professionals as we join forces as a community to create the impact and freedom you want in life. Joining the MedFit Network Mentorship means your joining our family. We are committed to supporting you in being your best self, living your best life, and making the greatest contribution you can make in your lifetime. This mentorship is for ambitious action-takers only who are ready to apply the proven formulas and implement time-leveraging and profit-boosting strategies that can take your practice or business to new places.

Interested in applying to be part of the MedFit Network Mentorship? Get full details about the Mentorship and apply on our website:
Upcoming Webinars: Free for MFN Members!
MedFit Network members get free access to MedFit Classroom weekly webinars.

Upcoming Webinars for December:
  • Cracking the Corporate Wellness Code: Trends, Opportunities and Where to Start
  • Common Shoulder Injuries: Care and Prevention
  • Special Webinar Presentation: Selling the Practice of Medical Fitness

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Coming Soon: 2021 Webinar Schedule! Check your MFN account dashboard later this month for first quarter webinars for 2021.
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MedFit Professional Magazine Pro of the Month
Congrats to our November & December Pros of the Month!
All of our monthly winners join the running for the 2020 Professional of the Year. Winner will be announced in early 2021 at our virtual business event. We are no longer accepting nominations for 2020, but you can nominate yourself or a colleague to be considered for 2021.
Delicious Medicine with The Naturopathic Chef
This month's question for "The Medicine Chef" Tina Martini:

Question: Can you recommend a healthier way to enjoy ready-to-use biscuit dough? Our family loves Monkey Bread and other biscuit based dishes, but I don't like the hydrogenated oil and other chemicals found in these products. 

Tina's Answer: Immaculate Baking Company is your new go-to. Once you've had their biscuits, cookies, and other baked goods, you will be hooked. This is a company you can trust. And, the possibilities are endless. Savory or sweet. If you're looking for a "sweet" option, check out my recipe for Apple Pie Monkey Bread on the MFN blog!
To submit a nutrition question to Tina, click here
Education Spotlight
New Online Course from MedFit Classroom: Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise

If women can gain a better understanding of the effects of pregnancy and delivery on the body, and begin training properly even before conception, then the goals of reducing pelvic floor dysfunction conditions and improving physical and emotional strength are achievable. This 3.5 online course will introduce you to what types of exercise are most beneficial to the recovery process as well as what types of movement and activities are not recommended.

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Partner Spotlight
Coffee With Benefits. Improving Your Health Through Each Cup.

The mission at FITGRINDS is to improve your health through better coffee while providing fair-paying jobs to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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From the MFN Blog
13 Reasons the Right Exercise Matters More in Menopause
Debra Atkinson, Founder, Flipping50

"During menopause, women are more susceptible to negative effects of stress. Avoid the wrong exercise (that will worsen stress) and do the right exercise and you can reduce or eliminate symptoms of menopause. There are at least 84 symptoms associated with menopause. This short list of 13 pesky symptoms can be supported by the right exercise...."
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