WIFA Waves Podcast ft. Lisa Dougherty
WIFA Waves hosts Lindsey Rainwater and Jennifer Halsall welcome MedFit founder Lisa Dougherty. Lisa discusses her passion for helping others, as well as her own personal story that inspired her to start MedFit. She shares how her hard work paid off, her hopes for the advancement of women in the medical fitness space, as well as how MedFit Network has partnered with WIFA to share these resources with our audience. 
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MedFit Pro of the Month
Congrats to our July Professional of the Month
Nominate yourself or another professional for our MedFit Professional of the Year!

We welcome nominations for professionals who exemplify our mission — to work collaboratively to improve the health of our nation through movement and nutrition.

Each month, one “Professional of the Month” will be chosen. The 12 professionals will be in the running for MedFit Professional of the Year 2021.
The Naturopathic Chef
This month's recipe from "The Medicine Chef" Tina Martini:

As more and more people incorporate plant-based meals into their lifestyle, I put together this plant-based ceviche using palm hearts -- an often overlooked nutrient powerhouse.

Palm hearts improve heart and gut health due to the high fiber content and natural inulin, which acts as a prebiotic, feeding healthy gut bacteria. Blood sugar stays level throughout the day and our blood pressure and vascular system relax.

Check out the recipe on the MFN blog!
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Partner Spotlight: The MoveMor™ Mobility Trainer
People who want to live without mobility limits can unlock joint flexibility, strength and balance in minutes. The MoveMor™ Mobility Trainer and exercise videos make it simple.

Fitness trainers, healthcare professionals and older adults know that chronic conditions, inactivity, joint injuries or surgeries often lead to limited mobility, disability, and pain. As functional mobility, quality of life and confidence goes down, the risk of falling goes up. The MoveMor™ Mobility Trainer is a proven solution to regain motion without the pain. Ten independent studies show it works.

We are dedicated to helping you, help improve the mobility and lives of clients and patients, safely, quickly and effectively. 

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Partner Spotlight: The Wellness Institute
The Wellness Enterprise is the number 1 distributor of structured water devices, a superior alternative to reverse osmosis and traditional water filters.

They are dedicated to finding the best water for people so they will find it compelling to change their habits, working to create...
  • A world where people understand and experience all the benefits of being hydrated by water energized by nature.
  • A world where clean healthy water is the easiest drink to find and buy… for everyone.
  • A world where people have the strength to choose healthy behaviors over their unhealthy habits.
  • And it is a world where single-use plastic water bottles are extinct as dinosaurs.

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MedFit Specialist Badges
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From the MFN Blog
Promoting the Medical Fitness Market
By Dr. Grove Higgins

"The MedFit Education Foundation continues to expand education and specializations for Fitness professionals. However, simply earning a certification does not mean clients will flock to you, or that doctors/therapists will refer their post-medical/rehabilitation patients to you. Most trainers today working with these types of clients did not look for these clients and fewer were referred to them by a medical professional..."
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