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Delicious Medicine with The Naturopathic Chef
This month's question for "The Medicine Chef" Tina Martini:

Question: I have a very sensitive stomach and have difficulty eating veggies like cabbage. Coleslaw is one of my favorite salads but every time I eat it, I am miserable for hours. Is there a way to "train" my body to process these gassy veggies more efficiently? 

Tina's Answer: Although we may not be able to "train" our digestive tracts to handle foods it is clearly rejecting, we can pair foods to create better synergy in digestion. Eating smaller portions will also assist with efficient and pain-free digestion. 

Fennel counteracts the gas production created naturally by cruciferous vegetables. It's a perfect partner for a cranky digestive tract as it is very calming. In one study, babies with colic were given fennel honey extract and experienced much shorter and less severe crying bouts. End your meal with fennel tea for maximum comfort. Your tummy will thank you. Check out my recipe for "Fall Slaw" on the MFN blog, which includes a combination of apple and fennel!
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New Online Course from Exercise Professional Education: Ethical Selling (Interviewing) for Exercise Professionals

This course is about making money as an Exercise Professional in an ethical way.
By learning the skills presented in this course, the sales process will be more effective, fun, and relaxed for both you and your potential customer. This extensive course includes 28 hours of video and a 200 page workbook and document library to help you succeed!

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Partner Spotlight
Coffee With Benefits. Improving Your Health Through Each Cup.

The mission at FITGRINDS is to improve your health through better coffee while providing fair-paying jobs to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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From the MFN Blog
What Motivates Us to Change?
Hayley Hollander, Co-Founder, Pivotal

"Humans are neurobiologically wired to seek out safety, convenience, and familiarity in our day to day choices. The repetition of these choices create our behavioral patterns.  

Behaviors serve two purposes; first, to get something. Second, to avoid something.

Our behaviors cannot change until we become consciously aware of what environment and/or triggers are creating them."
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