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And the end of the year, one professional will be selected for MedFit Professional of the Year , announced online and in MedFit Professional Magazine! The Pro of the Year will receive free registration to Medical Fitness Tour in Irvine, CA in February 2020, and free continuing education certifications. (Full prize list coming soon!)
August Professional Education Webinars
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This month's webinars:
  • Why You Need CBD in Your Training Regimen Right Now
  • Exercise Prescription: Integrating Services with Medical Professionals and Insurance Providers
  • What Everyone Needs to Know: Top Five Food & Nutrition Fact
  • Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise: Creating a Super Power for Your Client
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HALO Talk, featuring MedFit Founder Lisa Dougherty
HALO represents Health, Active Lifestyle and Outdoors. It is a lifestyle choice that is redefining the [health & wellness space]. 

MFN Founder Lisa Dougherty was recently interviewed for the HALO Talks Podcast, hosted by Pete Moore.

Lisa discusses the creation and growth of the MedFit project, and working to fill an extremely important need in our nation's healthcare.
Ask the Naturopathic Chef
This month's question for " The Medicine Chef " Tina Martini:

Summer treats are full of commercial sweeteners/sugar and other not-so-great ingredients. Do you have a snack/dessert recipe that will satisfy a teenager's palate and keep them on a nutritious path?

Tina's Advice:
These vegan and gluten free cheesecakes taste authentic and provide well balanced nutrition. Protein from the Cashew Cream, and flavored with sweet summer fruit, this recipe will keep everyone's blood sugar stable. Enjoy straight from the freezer or allow to thaw at room temp, for an extra creamy treat.
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From the MFN Blog
The Space Between Fitness and Medicine: Where “the Good You Do For Others” Brings the Reward you Deserve, PART 1 // By Phil Kaplan

In every field you find the big earners and those who are “paying the bills.” In every field you find excellence and mediocrity. In every field you find those who fully engage and those who invest just enough to play in the arena. Here’s one of the many challenges that keeps the personal training field in its own aura of uniqueness....
Partner Spotlight: K9 Fit Club®
K9 Fit Club is the pioneer and leader in human/canine fitness is revolutionizing fitness by combining both ends of the leash.

Their Master Training & Licensing will teach you everything you need to implement a successful K9 Fit Club program. Or, their Human and Canine Fitness continuing education course blends the basics from human health and fitness with the basic skills required for dog training and obedience combining them into one unique program.

MFN members get 10% off licensing or the Human and Canine Fitness Course
Member of the Month: Dr. Evan Osar
From the Nominator:
Dr. Evan Osar is an authority on corrective exercise. As a chiropractic physician, author, trainer, and educator, he has spent years carefully honing his craft, researching, testing, and retesting his methods and tirelessly sharing his findings with everyone. He is a passionate educator and genuinely cares about helping people.

Dr. Osar is so inspiring. He has made a profound impact on my career as a personal trainer. I consider Dr. Osar and his wife Jenice to be authorities in the field of corrective exercise and rehabilitation, and would love to see their work recognized on a larger scale. They are dedicated to helping fitness professionals excel and be the local experts to help the aging population move better and feel better. No one I know is more deserving of this recognition.
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