September Professional Education Webinars
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This month's webinars:
  • Mastering Mold Toxicity
  • Sleep is Medicine
  • Cognitive Fitness: Modifying Your Exercise Variables for Brain-Based Outcomes
  • Optimal Female Fitness: A Systematic and Chronological View
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MedFit Professional Magazine Pro of the Month
Congrats to David Rachal III of Chester, VA for being selected as the
August Pro of the Month by MedFit Professional Magazine.
Nominate Yourself or Another Professional for
MedFit Professional of the Year!

And the end of the year, one professional will be selected for MedFit Professional of the Year , announced online and in MedFit Professional Magazine! The Pro of the Year will receive free registration to Medical Fitness Tour in Irvine, CA in February 2020, and free continuing education certifications. (Full prize list coming soon!)
New Partner: Liquid IV
Liquid I.V. products utilize the breakthrough science of Cellular Transport Technology (CTT™) to deliver key functional ingredients rapidly to your bloodstream. Based on science pioneered by the World Health Organization, CTT™ utilizes a precise ratio of sodium, glucose and potassium, acting as an expedited delivery system in the body. Liquid I.V.®’s Hydration Multiplier is a great-tasting, powder drink delivers hydration to your bloodstream 2-3x faster and more efficiently than water alone.

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Ask the RD with Ashley Koff, RD
This month's question for Ashley Koff, RD

Are my clients taking in enough potassium to help their heart, metabolism, skin and digestion work better?

Ashley's Advice:
Potassium is a critical electrolyte that brings water inside cells - and along with that water, essential nutrients that your cells need to run better. Without enough, the body must choose which cells get the nutrients they need.
Potassium works opposite of sodium so it's essential for balancing water for effective hydration. Most of us are told to "eat a banana" to get enough potassium. One banana has about 400mg potassium but our daily needs are 8 times that amount! Read here to lean more about helping your clients make better potassium choices. 
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From the MFN Blog
PART 2 // The Space Between Fitness and Medicine: Where “the Good You Do For Others” Brings the Reward You Deserve. By Phil Kaplan

If you are willing to believe that personal trainers with advanced education and the development of a complementary skill set can have immeasurable impact upon “the unwell population,” one perspective becomes clear. The trainer versed in restoring health commands a far greater value than the personal training mainstream....
Partner Spotlight: Primal 7
Primal 7 is a versatile suspension system that supports your clients through bodyweight exercise, so they feel safe and trust you as their guide. It adapts to your client's needs, and helps build strength and balance in everyday movements.

Primal 7 will be your secret weapon for reaching more clients and changing more lives with safe and simple movement. Your aging, injured, and overweight clients desperately need your help. You know what they need physically, but the challenge is often helping them overcome fear and self doubt. We can help.

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