MFN Member Opportunities & Updates - June 2018
Medical Fitness Tour: San Francisco
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Join us in San Francisco, Sept 7-9. Register Early and Save!

We believe fitness professionals must have a higher level of knowledge, skill and expertise to work with our aging population and those with chronic disease or medical condition; this education has the highest growth potential for our industry. Expand your education in these fields at the Medical Fitness Tour! CECs included for fitness professionals.

New MedFit TV is launched!
The MedFit Education Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of MedFitTV (MFTV). MFTV offers educational videos, webinars, and interviews with leading experts in their related fields and inspirational people who’ve improved their quality of life through exercise, nutrition and/or allied health services. Click here to read the press release announcing the launch.

MFN members receive a free subscription to MedFit TV premium professional videos!
Upcoming Educational Webinars
Corrective Exercise Strategies for Shoulder Impingement

Presented by Kyle Stull, PhD , Senior Manager of Research and Program Design, Implus Fitness; NASM Faculty Instructor

The shoulder is one of the most problematic joints in the body. It is also one of the most mobile. For years fitness professionals have taught “get your shoulders down and back”, but is this always best? This class will examine the anatomy behind common shoulder injuries and provide a new perspective on corrective exercise program design.

This webinar will provide an in-depth view of shoulder function and dysfunction, break down how to effectively assess the shoulder, and guide the learner clinically proven methods of corrective exercise for shoulder impingement syndrome.
Live Presentation:
Tuesday, June 5 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST

If you can't attend the live presentation : register and you'll receive a recording of the webinar following the broadcast. CEC quiz will be available for purchase.
Exercise Programming for Breast Cancer Survivors

Presented by Andrea Leonard , Founder of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute

Working with cancer patients and survivors requires empathy, compassion, and comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter. This session will give you insight into the practical, hands-on skills needed to guide patients through treatment into recovery and long-term survivorship. No two cancer patients are the same; which is why it’s critical to completely individualize programming.

Learn a comprehensive, step-by-step process from renowned expert Andrea Leonard, president and founder of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute and ACE partner.

Live Presentation:
Tuesday, June 19 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST

If you can't attend the live presentation : register and receive a recording of the webinar following the broadcast. CEC quiz will be available for purchase for this webinar.
Webinar Registration:
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Webinars are $9.95 for non MFN members.
New MFN Partners Offering Great Discounts!

AB-EZE was created by Missy Reder, a mother of 4 who suffered from a diastasis recti and three epigastric hernias. The invasive surgery to correct them left her with significant core weakness. She created the innovative AB-EZE, a smart, new way to strengthen your core.

AB-EZE supports your body against gravity to specifically activate the muscles of your abs, back, glutes, and legs. It's proven to strengthen your back and core, tone your tush and sculpt your abs!

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AB-EZE, plus free shipping
Urban Poling

One of the first companies to bring Urban Poling (generic name is Nordic walking) to Canada, and now sells worldwide! Nordic walking improves balance, core strength, posture, endurance; it reduces impact on lower extremities and joints, and promotes functional gait patterns. Urban Poling also offers Instructor Certification for fitness and health professionals.

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Course Spotlight
Youth and adults alike are becoming overweight in large part because they are failing to engage in enough daily physical motion. Among people with diabetes, inactivity is even more rampant. The good news is that everybody can improve his or her quality of life with diabetes and prevent most of its potential health problems by becoming more fit.

Armed with more knowledge about how to be active safely and effectively, you as their personal trainer can be a strong positive influence in getting diabetic or prediabetic individuals on the path to better health .
Member Spotlight
Cheryl McLea, Personal Trainer in Newark, DE

"I feel grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, and I look forward to continuing to help people transform their lives. Change is difficult, and it most often takes massive action on your part to make it happen. If you want something, truly want it, you’ll let nothing stand in your way. Everything is a choice. You are what you create.
Member Testimonial
"I highly recommend MFN to other fitness professionals; as a community of fitness professionals we are stronger, we can lobby for legislation (such as the PHIT act ) we learn from one other, and we have more visibility."
 --Kym Sevilla, Medical Exercise Specialist, Cancer Exercise Trainer
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