May 2017 - Issue #4
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The Canada Summer Games: Short-term Staff; Long-term Impact
Your non-profit organization might operate on a five-year strategic planning cycle. The Board might have a long-term planning committee and you probably hire employees you can train, nurture, and shape for the future. And, hopefully, you have succession planning on your mind.
So how would you manage an organization that's only supposed to be around for a couple of years - non-profit pop-up designed to meet a short-term need? That's the challenge faced by Jeff Hnatiuk, President and CEO of the 2017 Canada Summer Games Host Society.
"Even though this is a short-term enterprise, we recruited with the spirit of building capacity for the future," said Hnatiuk, the long-time President and CEO of Sport Manitoba, seconded for the Canada Summer Games. "We were looking for younger employees along with a few more experienced people who could serve as mentors." Read More.

English at Work...Works!

The English at Work program is positioning new Canadians to solve an old problem for St.Amant.
"High staff turnover is a challenge that we face here and throughout the sector," said Jennifer Rodrigue, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications at St.Amant. "Working with children and adults with developmental disabilities is rewarding work, but it doesn't pay very well so many staff don't stay long. We are often looking for people."
At the same time, St.Amant has enjoyed great interest from new Canadians looking for volunteer and paid opportunities when they settle in Manitoba. A large number of new Canadians work for St.Amant and about 75% of the organization's 300 volunteers are also new Canadians. For many, volunteering at St.Amant is their first Canadian work experience. Read More.

Bringing Workforce Development Up to Code
Pablo Listingart first learned about Winnipeg while watching the 1999 Pan-Am Games on television in his Buenos Aries living room. He didn't dream of living in Winnipeg at the time. Today, he wouldn't dream of living anywhere else. And he wouldn't dream of doing anything else.
The 36-year-old information technology expert runs his own web design company, but his true passion is Comunidad IT (ComIT), the non-profit organization he launched with partners in Argentina and has recently launched in Manitoba. ComIT's mission is to help young people and marginalized populations learn computer skills - especially coding - to meet the needs of the changing workplace.
Listingart had the idea of launching ComIT while working for Microsoft in 2007 as an "academic evangelist."
"My job was to travel around Argentina promoting the merits of Microsoft products to professors and students," he says. "What I learned in my travels is that colleges and universities could not keep up with the economy's demand for people with IT skills. There were young people who wanted the training, but didn't have access. Either they couldn't afford the education, or they lived too far away, or they had to work to help support their families."  Read More .

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