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MFPT Newsletter - February 2016

Greetings and Welcome to our MFPT newsletter! 
In this edition we're kicking off 2016 in MFPT style with broad-ranging introductions from both the Chairman and Executive Director.  We then have a brace of articles highlighting activities at the upcoming MFPT-ISA joint event in Dayton in May, which will include excellent keynotes, courses and new student activities.  We've shone a spotlight on MFPT's re-invigorated Twitter feed (which you need to check out), and have thought-provoking articles from 2 of our Focus Group chairs.  To round the newsletter off, there's an update on the US Army Research Lab's Open Campus initiative and then a reminder about some upcoming failure prevention events that will be of interest to you.
Happy reading and as always, we welcome any comments you may have - so please let me know know by e-mailing us at!
By Chris Nemarich

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone reading this newsletter had a great holiday season and that 2016 finds you happy, healthy and ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of the year ahead. Your MFPT team was very busy over the holidays taking care of all the planning for MFPT 2016 and the future of the MFPT Society... ( read more)
By Chris Pomfret

Although it's February, we nonetheless extend a Happy New Year to everyone in the Failure Prevention world. While the real Olympics will happen in S. America later this year, we are also anticipating an Olympic year for Failure Prevention not only for the multitude of events happening but also their variety... ( read more)
By Bill Marscher

The focus of the upcoming MFPT Conference (May 23-25, 2016) is the machinery End-User.  Who an End-User is depends on what type of organization or industry we are talking about.  For those in Defense, it is the depot level personnel at an airbase or forward operating base, or shipboard operations & maintenance (O&M) staff... ( read more)
By Bill Marscher

I am pleased to be offering, at MFPT 2016, a short course that I have given for 15 years at the Texas A&M Pump and Turbo Symposium in Houston TX, which has been very popular with end-users there.
The course will begin with a frank and detailed discussion of rotating machinery problems, both those that are mechanically sourced (e.g. imbalance and misalignment) as well as those originating due to fluid dynamics gone wild... ( read more)
By Rachel Moss

MFPT strongly values students and their contribution to and participation in both our annual conference and the overall endeavors of our prognostics, PHM, failure prevention and condition monitoring community. Students are the future of the MFPT organization as well as the future of failure prevention technology and health management in industry, government agencies, universities, and research institutes... ( read more)
By Joe Sheeley

The MFPT Society is starting to expand its use of social media for announcements, communication, and community collaboration.  Expect to see more and more use of social media over the next year or two as the new tools are utilized.
At MFPT 2016, we will start using Twitter to make announcements and provide information about sessions and happenings... ( read more)
By Preston Johnson

As it is early in 2016, we begin anew our focus on preventing failures in our machinery.  We have many activities in play from preventive maintenance (PM) to predictive inspections (PdM).  We also manage these activities, track work order requests, and create reports that influence management decisions... ( read more)
By Bob Ware

The Failure Analysis Focus Group is unique within MFPT in that we document the final manifestations of the conditions that lead to component failures.  In many cases, the root cause of the observed failure may have been predictable using vibration monitoring.  In many other cases, however, the root causes of failure may include factors that could not be determined though in service instrumentation... ( read more)

ARL's Open Campus is a collaborative endeavor, with the goal of building a science and technology ecosystem that will encourage groundbreaking advances in basic and applied research areas of relevance to the Army. Through the Open Campus framework, ARL scientists and engineers (S&Es) will work collaboratively and side-by-side with visiting scientists in ARL's facilities, and as visiting researchers at collaborators' institutions... ( read more)

There's a wealth of high quality Condition Monitoring, Prognostics and Health Management events coming up this year, be they publications or conferences.
IJPHM. Submit your latest research/work to the International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management (IJPHM) special issue: PHM for Smart Manufacturing Systems... ( read more)

I hope you enjoyed our newsletter!  We are always looking for new ideas and articles, so don't hesitate to share them with us.


Once again I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a prosperous 2016!



Chris Pomfret
MFPT Executive Director
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