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MFPT Newsletter - June 2016

Greetings and Welcome to our MFPT newsletter! 
Happy reading and as always, we welcome any comments you may have - so please let me know know by e-mailing us at!
By Chris Nemarich

Thanks to everyone who participated in MFPT 2016 and to all the exhibitors, volunteers on the Board, the short course instructors and session chairs. You all helped make our meeting last month in Dayton a big success.  MFPT 2016 marked in a milestone for our Society. This was the last meeting organized by our Executive Director Chris Pomfret and managed by our Administrative Officer, Rick Wade... ( read more)
By Chris Pomfret

After an intense week at MFPT 2016, Rick Wade's and my feet are finally back on terra firma.  Running a conference is "strenuous activity" but it's also very fulfilling and satisfying, especially if the "End Users" (i.e. the attendees) also go away satisfied.  We had 165 registrants from 16 different countries and 5 continents and over 100 presentations, tutorials and short courses.  It was truly an actioned-packed week... ( read more)
By Chris Nemarich

MFPT recognized a number of individuals at the Conference Awards Luncheon for their contributions to the Conference itself and the Society as a whole.  The MFPT awarded its highest honor, Society Fellow, to John Lucero in recognition of his contributions to the MFPT Society.  John, as many of you know, is the Systems Engineering Focus Group Chair and served as Society Chairman from 2012 to 2015... ( read more)
By Preston Johnson

The Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology had a great 2016 annual conference during the last full week of May 2016.  During the conference, there were several Data Management presentations ranging from design and architecture of systems for monitoring and failure prevention, to integration with plant historians, to data mining techniques, to creation of a digital thread... ( read more)
By Bob Ware

It's an exciting time to be working in Failure Analysis. Many trends, including environmental protection, additive manufacturing and other novel processes, combined with aging infrastructures and constant cost pressures, ensure that there are ample opportunities to help understand 'What went wrong?'. While much of the MFPT Society is focused on vibration sensing and signal interpretation, these aspects of failure analysis and prevention encompass only a portion of the failures which cross our lab benches... ( read more)
By Chris Nemarich

The Board of Directors has officially renamed the award given for the best student paper.  As announced at the opening of MFPT 2016, this award will now be known as the "Hank Hegner Best Student Paper Award".    Henry R "Hank" Hegner, who passed away this past April 5, was an MFPT Fellow (elected 1997) and an ISA Fellow (elected in 1994). Hank was instrumental in the organization of the present day MFPT... ( read more)
By Rachel Moss

Here at MFPT, we truly value our students and their contributions to the MFPT Conference, Society, and our industry.  Over the years, we have given more focus to the area of student development (through the advent of the MFPT Best Student Paper Prize) and this year we added a few more student targeted activities to the conference agenda including a student mingling session where students could meet with senior members of the MFPT Society... ( read more)

By Chris Pomfret


Effective July 1st, MFPT will see a change of management and HQ location.  After 10 years of Treble One LLC (Dayton OH) providing the day-to-day management and executive functions for the Board of Directors, the reins of the Society are traveling eastwards to Dresher, PA where PdMS Inc will assume the role.  The new Executive Director and Administrative Officer, Amy Wynn and Marianne Gassman, respectively... ( read more)
By Amy Wynn

As Predictive Maintenance Solutions, Inc. (PdMS) prepares for the future management of MFPT, we pause to acknowledge the vast contributions of Chris Pomfret and Rick Wade over the past 10 years. The last decade has brought significant growth to the organization - in conference attendee numbers, corporate sponsorships, and most importantly, the technical publications and proceedings produced after each annual conference... ( read more)
By Chris Pomfret

You read earlier that MFPT is moving its HQ to Dresher PA.  Well, as with all organizational relocations, stock is often sold off at a discount to save the transport costs.  We are thus offering copies of hard bound proceedings at a deep discount to the prices on the website.  Go to the Proceedings Sale page for a complete list of what's available.  The prices shown for all hard bound copies that we have in stock are being reduced to just $25 per copy (plus shipping) until July 31st 2016... ( read more)
By Joe Sheeley

You may have noticed the Tweetwall at MFPT 2016 displaying announcements and reflections on the conference.  Twitter and other social media are going to play a bigger role in how MFPT communicates and its members collaborate in the future.  Look for Twitter posts ("tweets") from @MFPTSociety in the future with information about upcoming conferences and other announcements... ( read more)

I hope you enjoyed our newsletter!  We are always looking for new ideas and articles, so don't hesitate to share them with us.



Chris Pomfret
MFPT Executive Director
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