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MFPT Newsletter - May 2017

From the Chairman's Desk
Chris Nemarich
Welcome to the Spring Edition of the MFPT Newsletter!
Our 50th Anniversary meeting is almost here. All the work of putting together the technical program, lining up keynote speakers, arranging the technical tracks, and planning the special sessions and events for MFPT 2017 is almost complete. In two weeks we will be meeting at the Wyndham Oceanfront in Virginia Beach...(more)
Some New Useful International Standards
By Bill Marscher
Some MFPT members are interested in sensors and monitoring systems, some in diagnosis and prognosis, and others in failure analysis/ failure prevention. There are some new publicly available engineering standards of which I would like to make you aware that bridge the interests of all of these groups. One standard set is from the Hydraulic Institute. It mainly applies to centrifugal pumps, but in the case of one new standard, its principles can be applied generically to any type of rotating or reciprocating machinery and even to stationary structures and to electronic systems such as avionics. The other standard set is from the International Standards Organization (ISO) and is broken into a number of parts...(more)
An Historical View of Mechanical Failure Prevention Technology
By Henry Pusey and Paul Howard
In April 1967, 42 engineers and scientists concerned with the troublesome and costly problems of mechanical failures met at the Office of Naval Research to form the Mechanical Failures Prevention Group (MFPG). The participants, who represented several government agencies and industries, met to develop a forum to exchange information and innovative ideas on methods to avoid or predict mechanical failures in a wide variety of vehicles, equipment and structures. This meeting was the genesis of a broad interdisciplinary society...(more)
Re solution Required to Separate Closely Spaced Spectral Peaks 
By Suri Ganeriwala, PhD

In condition monitoring of machines and especially diagnosing a defect, one is often confronted with the issue of spectral resolution required to separate closely spaced spectral peaks. This determination must be made prior to defining the parameters of each measurement point while setting up the route and the alarms. The issue could become more complicated as defects evolve over the time. However, the problem is not as difficult as it sounds. Itdoes, however, require a sound understanding of the basics of the signal analysis mathematical structure...(more)

Using Systems Engineering to Define your Organization 
By John Lucero
MFPT has been experiencing some turnover: a new Executive Director, new officers on the Board of Directors and corporate knowledge fading away into the night. As we move forward the Board of Directors decided we should do a complete functional analysis of our society. I was tasked to lead this as the Chair of the Systems Engineering Focus Group and try to define how all the Focus Groups interact with each other and how the Society operates in general...(more)
Failure Prevention Update 
By Preston Johnson 
Our Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Programs continue along with any reliability engineering efforts. These activities rely on data from a variety of instruments and tools, data from computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), plant operations data, engineering data, parts inventory data, and so on. Data takes on many forms in its life from origination in sensory form, engineering design form, maintenance procedure form, and work process form...(more)
By Joe Sheeley

In the past MFPT has had many great discussions in technical areas via email and an occasional conference call or discussion at an MFPT conference. The sensors focus group in particular had a strong following, providing a forum for individuals to ask questions and get feedback from experts in the industry. This kind of information, providing the fine details and insights that can only be gained through experience, is invaluable and cannot be obtained anywhere else. Providing such information is probably the most important function of any technical society...(more)

I hope you enjoyed our newsletter!  We are always looking for new ideas and articles, so don't hesitate to share them with us.



Joe Sheeley
MFPT Newsletter Editor
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