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MFPT Newsletter - September 2018

From the Chairman's Desk
It's hard to believe that summer has come and gone and September is here. MFPT 2019 planning is well underway.  Amy Wynn and Susan Berkelbach have sent email announcements out with information about MFPT 2019 including details about the new (first time ever!) venue, exciting news about our technical society collaboration partners and the call for abstracts. 
MFPT 2019 will be held May 13-16 in Philadelphia - King (read more)
Do you know how your machines fail?
by Preston Johnson - Allied Reliability Group

What is machine failure?  In the classical sense, it is the failure of the machine to perform its function.  If a centrifugal pump is to provide 250 gallons of flow per hour, failure may be defined as flow less than 200 gallons per hour.  What causes the pump to fail?

There are two broad categories of machine failure: designed-in failure modes, and process driven failure modes. (read more) 
Video Amplification of Vibration for Machinery Diagnosis

Vibration is often useful in determining whether or not a pump, turbine, or other rotating or reciprocating machine is operating properly. For diagnosis of problems, vibration levels and strategic frequencies can help determine if the operation appears improper, or provide important clues to reliability issues have been experienced (e.g. fatigue cracking, or premature wear of bearings and seals). It is also useful for diagnosing sources of noise.(read more)

Board News
by Chris Nemarich

It is my pleasure to introduce the two newest members on the MFPT Board of Directors, Mantosh Bhattacharya and Dr. Hiroaki Endo. Mantosh is a Manager of Rotating Equipment with Petrofac International. He brings his expertise in turbo-machinery, vibration analysis, reliability and integrity reviews of mission critical equipment to the MFPT. Mantosh has a presented numerous papers at MFPT and is a MFPT Best Paper Award winner. He has a passion for condition based maintenance and failure prevention and he wants to "contribute his skills to help academia and industry experts join and share ideas."  (read more)

Prognostics: MTBF, MTTF, Failure and Bathtub Curve
by James Hofmeister - Ridgetop Group

  Are you confused about the meanings and use of the acronyms MTBF and MTTF, how they relate to each other and to failure rates and to failure distribution and a bathtub curve? I certainly understand why: the meanings of the terms have changed over time and their relationships are not clearly defined. Referring to Figure 1 , the CBD1 and (read more)

I hope you enjoyed our newsletter!  We are always looking for new ideas and articles, so don't hesitate to share them with us.



Amy Wynn
MFPT Executive Director
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