Updates to the Board of Directors in 2016, Kathryn Blain has resigned after 18 years from her position as Board Chair and has been appointed Executive Director. Filling the role as Board Chair from the Board of Directors is Greg Hum. Also appointed to the Board of Directors is Regan Rogerson, bios can be viewed on line.

We have appointed 3 Medical Advisors  to assist Dr Ron Gold, our Senior Medical Advisor:
  • Dr. Marina Salvadori (London, ON)
  • Dr. Jim Kellner (Calgary, AB)
  • Dr. Julie Bettinger, (Vancouver, BC)
Michael Redfearn is our Regional Representative to CoMO, he also holds a position of Secretary – Governing Council. Michael attended a CoMO conference December 2-4 in Florida where they focused on bridging the gap globally.
There has been 5 Fundraising Events in 2016, realizing a total of $50,000 in donations.
  • Shorcan Charity Day
  • Sarah Hastings Memorial Ringette Game and Dinner
  • The Edge Walk – Toronto CN Tower
  • Mohawks for Meningitis
  • Peninsula Lions Club Dinner - Port Carling
We are currently working on a fundraising event to take place in April to commemorate World Meningitis Day.

We have provided funding for a vaccine fellowship for Dr Michele Pinto at UBC.

We have co-sponsored 11 medical students a travel bursary and registration for the CAIRE conference.

Greg Hum and Michael Redfearn attended the Canadian Immunization Conference December 6 – 8 in Ottawa. Five major learning streams were:

  • Immunization in specific populations
  • Making and implementing policy
  • New developments in vaccines and their uses
  • Optimal practice
  • Vaccine uptake and acceptance
Some of the challenges that social media plays in vaccine hesitancy, refusal and denial is on the rise.

Celebrities influence public opinion by using their celeb status to profile their personal agendas, which is not based on scientific facts. The Province of Ontario has adopted an Immunization 2020 Strategy to close the gap between industry, academia and government….they are encouraging other provinces to do the same. There is now a new vaccine tracking App - CAN Immunize to sync immunization records between all devices and family members.
Dr Ron Gold reports that the introduction of the new vaccines against Group B Meningococcus has provided us with the ability to protect children and adolescents against all major causes of bacterial meningitis. The new B vaccines are now in routine use in England, Ireland and Italy. In Canada the B vaccines are not included in routine provincial immunization programs and must be purchased by parents to immunize their children. Fortunately, the frequency of meningococcal disease is at an all-time low in Canada and the USA.

We are currently working on a Campaign Initiative to raise awareness of Meningitis & Vaccine Options with College-University students. We are also involved with the creation of Patient Story videos that will be viewed through various media outlets.

The MRFC is a grassroots organization dedicated to the prevention of meningitis, to improving survival rates and outcomes, and to the support of families of those whose lives have been changed by the disease. Since its inception, the MRFC has had many notable accomplishments that have had a significant impact on the prevention of meningitis in Canada. There is, however, an opportunity for much more to be done nationally to meet the MRFC’s objectives.