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MFSUS Winter National Newsletter 2018
MFSUS Message
Winter  is the  coldest  time of the year. The days are shorter and the nights are longer.

Some families who are in warmer climates will enjoy the warm weather, remembering what it is like back in Canada and appreciating the summer like conditions in January.

Winter is often a busy time for visitors from Canada. So for many of us it is preparing our homes for our visitors and planning the best places to highlight in the state we live in.

For some of us Winter can be a depressing time of year.

Please remember you are not alone, you have support.

FIL can be reached at 1-800-866-4546 or by email at  FIL@CAFConnection.ca  

This season, be grateful, and mindful of others and remember to take time for self care.

Enjoy your Winter Season!
Message From Major Jim Hardwick:
The seasons of Advent and Christmas are nearly upon us which means, for most of us all there will be an increased busyness and hopefully some well-deserved quality time with family.

The concept of Advent (weeks leading up to Christmas) in the Christian traditions invites us to be people of expectation; We wait for the birth of our Messiah and we eagerly wait for when the Lord will come back.

While that may mean something different to each of us, we do hope that as we enter into the season that we will come out the other side of the holiday having experienced over all rest and positive reflection with ourselves and loved ones.
Winter Calendar
25 Christmas Day
31 New Years Day

01 Happy New Year
21 Marten Luther King Jr. Day

02 Ground Hog Day
05 Chinese New Year
14 Valentines Day
18 Presidents Day
Navigating the Healthcare System in the U.S.
What you need to know about Tricare, Allianz Global, submitting claims and more. If you missed this informative brief given by Capt Mathias from CDLS (W) please listen to the recording.

Down load the medical template for your convenience when going to the doctors.
If you are planning to work in the United States you will want to listen to this online brief given by Gergana Hadzhiyska, Protocol Coordinator for CDLS(W), who walks you through renewing your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) in the U.S.
Hosting a Event
Funding for Events in your Community
New this year, there are some funds available for groups of CAF families living in the United States where there is no Military Family Service U.S. (MFSUS) staff on site.

Families may request distribution of these funds by following the Request for Funds Guidelines and Requirements. These funds are to be used to facilitate functions that contribute to the MFS mandate. Proof of function completion and use of funds is required.

What does this mean for you?

You can request funds for an event or activity in your location by reaching out to MFSUS Outreach.

Interested in hosting an event or activity?

You can meet new families, and engage in your local community!

What types of activities could you use the funds for?

  • Canada Day Events
  • Canadian Thanksgiving
  • Employment or Education Support Speakers
  • Christmas Events ...

Simply contact Me!

I will send you the request form for funds to get you started.
Check out some of these great books for military families and veteran families.
Virtual Programs
Virtual Connection
MFSUS Outreach Coordinator, Virtual Developer and MFSC Tinker were online to share information and resources about travel in the U.S.and the supports offered while living OUTCAN.
Want to explore topics relevant to your posting to the US like employment?

You are in luck! Over the last few years, a whole range of fantastic webex sessions have been recorded, and they are available for you to listen to!

Check them out and happy listening!
Child Care
MFSUS is able to provide three types of child care assistance:

·      Emergency Child Care
·      Respite Child Care
·      Deployment and Work Related Absence Child Care

To learn more click the FAQ button or contact your MFSC
It may seem a little earlier to be thinking of this.

Applying to college or university may seem overwhelming, but it can be very manageable if you have the right tools and information.

MFS(E) is pleased to offer you a helpful resource document that includes links and tips to guide you through the process.

You can also check out the recorded information session on YouTube that includes tons of information to help you. 

You can learn French, English, or Spanish while in the U.S.

Simply contact Joanna!

She will send you the registration paperwork required to get started.
Networking and Self-Marketing Bring Job Search Success to Military Spouses
Networking leads to 70 percent of all jobs. While it isn't difficult, networking does take time and effort. It requires getting to know people in your chosen field and staying in touch with them throughout your career. If you want to get hired, be your biggest fan. Here are a few ways to toot your own professional horn.

To read the complete Military OneSource article
CAF Spouse Contributions Corner
Families from Texas united and proud Canadians. Celebrating Thanksgiving together.
CAF families coming together to celebrate thanksgiving in Houston.

Sponsored by MFSUS
Canadian Thanksgiving in the Antelope Valley
Thanksgiving in October. An event that’s rarely understood by the general American population. While shopping for foods and supplied, several people curiously looked into my cart and kindly made conversation by stating Looks like someones having a gathering this weekend! I excitedly responded that we were having friends over for Thanksgiving. Confused, they would look at me and think Thanksgiving? It’s a little early for that, no?! Followed by my kindly explaining that I was Canadian. For us, we harvest is sooner and we celebrate Thanksgiving in October seeing the ground quickly freezes over for the winter months. The nod of understanding quickly followed. 
Cotton Fields in Georgia
Sharing a image of a cotton field taken by CAF family living in Georgia.
Pumpkin Season in New York
CAF family member in New York enjoying the harvest season.
Dr. Catherine Hansen a CAF spouse on an Outcan in Texas is an obstetrician, gynecologist, speaker,wellness leader, and educator she hosts a global, on-line, ongoing community of like-minded, health conscious women called The Empowered Women’s Circle. Check it out!
Navigating the US HEALTHCARE
Navigating the US Health System and Allianz - a few hard learned tips shared from a spouse in Texas
You have been posted to the US and have become ill, now what?  Your first thought may be “Will this affect my spouse’s career?” or “What will people think of me?” It is a bit off-putting because all of a sudden more people are “in the know” about your medical issues which wasn’t the case back in Canada. 

If your experience navigating the US health care system and Allianz was anything like mine you are likely frustrated, scared, overwhelmed, disappointed and confused.

Number one thing to know is don’t worry. As frustrating as it is, we have CDLS(W) and MFS on our side to help, guide us.
If you are a CAF Spouse or dependent posted in the U.S. with a blog, podcast, webpage or other resource you would like to share, please CONTACT TAMMY .
Tax Time
MFSUS does not get involved with CRA issues as we do not have the corporate tax knowledge and each individual is different, depending on their personal situation.

What we can do is share information that was sent to us.

You will see attached the brief and info sheet/links that CRA provided a few years ago (still valid).

Every Canadian must still file taxes, as you did in Canada. However while living OUTCAN, you must mail in the paper form of your taxes; online filing will not be accepted.

When putting your address down you need to use the following –
• Mailing Address is the PO Box in Belleville.
• The physical address will be your home address in the United States.

It is recommended that you include the following documents with your tax return:
• Posting message,
• Information Sheet and a
• Letter stating your situation.

***If you are unsure where you should be paying taxes, contact your financial advisor.
***Families should be advised to field their questions directly to CRA.
Healthy Living

Todd Cirka PSP OUTCAN Physical Fitness Coordinator
Todd Cirka is the OutCan Physical Fitness Program Coordinator

He can be reached by  EMAIL  or by phone at (613) 852-7059.

Todd has worked with OUTCAN for over 7 years and is passionate about supporting the fitness and health needs of the OUTCAN community.

Please read the December issue of the OPS Fit newsletter, there is lots of great ideas on how to stay fit while living OUTCAN.

Thanks to Keeley Young in Oklahoma for the Member Profile article.
Online Mental Health Support
Family Information Line is offering online support via video how is it different?
Just like calling or emailing, the Virtual Counsellor will provide information, referral and  emotional support  to military families. While access to FIL is available 24/7 via phone and email, virtual counselling is scheduled between the hours of 7:00 a.m.to 11:00 p.m. ET. This allows families to book several sessions at specific times and to request the same counsellor for these sessions. Virtual counselling can be accessed by phone or video.

How do I book an FIL session via video? 
Connect with the Family Information Line by phone at 1-800-866-4546 or by email at  FIL@CAFConnection.ca  and request to speak with a Virtual Counsellor. The Virtual Counsellor will book a session or multiple sessions for you.
Vegan Nanaimo Bars
Roxan a Whidbey CAF spouse is a Rouxbe trained plant-based chef, food photographer and a huge foodie, is sharing one of her favorite holiday treats.

The Vegan Nanaimo bar.

Your "Go to" Resource
If you and your family have any ideas, questions, or comments that you would like to share   with the MFSUS Team, please forward them to  OUTREACH . We want to hear from YOU!!