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MFSUS National Newsletter - Summer 2019
MFSUS Message
Traveling Teddy

The time of year to experience new beginnings, new friends and venture into new surroundings.

Please read below in this newsletter about a new member of the MFSUS team Rocky Clive Moulton he may be coming to visit you this summer.

He will leave Victoria at the end of July and head to California for the first leg of his journey.

Learn who he is and what he will be doing below.

Enjoy your Summer, Embrace your OUTCAN experience, and keep an eye out for Rocky!
Summer Calendar
4 Independence Day

August - Family Fun
15 Fort Leavenworth, Kansas PSP Fitness Testing
20-22 Washington D.C. PSP Fitness Testing
28-29 Oklahoma City PSP Fitness Testing

September- National Preparedness
4 Beale AFB California PSP Fitness Testing
11-12 Fort Gordon GA PSP Fitness Testing
24-26 Anchorage AK PSP Fitness Testing

14 Canadian Thanksgiving
16-17 VA PSP Fitness Testing

The next Canadian federal election is October 21st, 2019 but now is the time to start thinking about how to exercise your right to vote while living OUTCAN.
If you are a dependent of a CAF member or you are a sponsored civilian employee (or dependent), you will need to register on-line to vote. 

You will use the last address at which you lived prior to being posted OUTCAN in order for Elections Canada to determine your riding. 

Remember to allow sufficient time for a package to be mailed to you as well as time for you to return the package to Canada. 

For the purposes of delivery of the ballot to you, you can use either your current physical address or the P.O. Box Station Forces address, whichever will be quicker.
CAF members do not need to register as ballots and the voting process will be managed through the CAF.

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Traveling Teddy
Rocky Is Coming to a State Near You

This is Rocky, who loves to travel the globe and engage with CAF families.

A Year ago, Rocky was just a regular teddy bear, looking sadly through the glass window of some toy shop in Victoria Canada.

Then, Tammy Kingston the Outreach coordinator, his current owner, spotted him and his adventures began.

Rocky was hired by CFMWS to facilitate communication and do site visits, gathering information on each state, visiting the members and their families.

Read Rocky's Orders and Mission below.
Hosting a Event
Funding for Events in your Community
Are you interested in hosting a Event in your location?

There are some funds available for groups of CAF families living in the United States where there is no Military Family Service U.S. (MFSUS) staff on site.

What does this mean for you?

You can request funds for an event or activity in your location by reaching out to MFSUS Outreach.

Interested in hosting an event or activity?

You can meet new families, and engage in your local community!

What types of activities could you use the funds for?

  • Canada Day Events
  • Canadian Thanksgiving
  • Employment or Education Support Speakers
  • Christmas Events ...

Simply contact Me!

I will send you the request form for funds to get you started.
Canada Day 2019
Thank you to the Wright family for hosting Canada Day in Massachusetts!
MA Canada Day 2019
We truly enjoyed, and we were honored to have the opportunity to host a Canadian event like a Canada Day BBQ, where both CAF members, their families and our fellow US Coast Guard friends could attend.

We had all kinds of Canadian memorabilia like temporary Canadian tattoos and Canadian flags, red and white balloons, we also sang our Canadian anthem in both English and French. 
MA Canada Day 2019
MA Canada Dy 2019
San Diego Celebrating
Canada Day 2019
Virtual Programs
Want to explore topics relevant to your posting to the U.S. like employment?

You are in luck! Over the last few years, a whole range of fantastic webex sessions have been recorded, and they are available for you to listen to!

Check them out and happy listening!
What Does CEM Support
Children's Education Management supports the educational needs of Canadian Armed Forces families in a variety of situations both inside and outside Canada.
School Information

Looking for test scores, rankings, school and district boundaries, student/teacher ratios, and scores of other useful metrics and information for over 120,000 elementary, middle, and high schools in the United States then look here at school digger.
Outreach BACK to School
Basic Backpack

Fun Let’s Go! Backpacks for Back to School

There’s a basic backpack tutorial, and a PDF pattern with instructions for the cute robot backpack variation too.

You can learn French, English, or Spanish while in the U.S.

Simply contact Joanna!

She will send you the registration paperwork required to get started.
Have you checked out the resources at your local base?
My base guide
This guide is full of information related to your state.

Check out the services that the local family centers offer for education, employment, and so much more.
Travel tips for using military accommodations. Listen to the recordings of some great travel tips that military families can access while OUTCAN.
CAF Families Contributions Corner
Canadian Teen Selected For Visual Arts 2019 Exhibit in Massachusetts.
Dillon MacNeil attends Lexington High School in Massachusetts.

In picking his final term electives for Grade 11, he decided to step back from the digital age, to manual cameras, hand held light meters, black and white film, and dark rooms.

Dillon has embraced the challenge of “old school “photography, and after a very short period of time in this elective, one of his photos was chosen to be displayed in the Lexington Public School Visual Arts 2019 Exhibit.

Well Done Dillon!!
Outreach MA TEEN 2019
Falmouth Race MA
Chantal in Massachuttes is working hard at keeping fit while on a Outcan.

Chantal was selected for the Falmouth Race in MA this summer.

This is her very first race.

August 18th is the date of the race, we will be thinking of Chantal as she ventures out on a new experience.

Read Chantal's Story below.

Fantastic Work Chantal!!

We will be rooting for you!!
Houston Families
Happy Children, enjoying some TEX MEX Houston Style.
David Saint Jacques' Landing Back to Earth
Mission Control Center at NASA, Houston

Supporting one another, as they watch David Saint Jacques' re-entry back to earth.

This photo was taken on Monday, June 24th of the four Canadian astronaut spouses as they watch, David Saint Jacques' landing back to Earth at Mission Control Center at NASA, Houston.
Experiencing some Southern Culture
For some, the sound of a gunshot represents liberty, safety, and survival. 

For some, it represents oppression, fear, and death. 

Love or hate them, for many Americans in the Southern US, guns are an inextricable part of their way of life and culture. 

For twelve Canadians posted to middle Georgia, on June 13th, our experience shooting guns at the Eagle Gun Range was about spending time together, supporting one another, experiencing the local culture, and having fun.
A big thank you to MFSUS for your support helping to make our fun American range experience happen.
Organizing For Military Families On the Move
One of our former Outcan Spouses shared some tips on how to declutter and keep organized.

Jackie Hollywood Brown is the Editor of Unclutterer and is a Canadian Armed Forces Spouse currently living in Canada.

She has lots to share on the topic of organizing for Military Families.

Listen to the recording, "Organizing for Military Families".
Dr. Catherine Hansen a CAF spouse on an Outcan in Texas is an obstetrician, gynecologist, speaker, wellness leader, and educator. She hosts a global, on-line, ongoing community of like-minded, health conscious women called The Empowered Women’s Circle.

Check it out!
If you are a CAF Spouse or dependent posted in the U.S. with a blog, podcast, webpage or other resource you would like to share, please CONTACT TAMMY .
Healthy Living

Todd Cirka PSP OUTCAN Physical Fitness Coordinator
Todd Cirka is the OutCan Physical Fitness Program Coordinator

He can be reached by  EMAIL  or by phone at (613) 852-7059.

Todd has worked with OUTCAN for over 7 years and is passionate about supporting the fitness and health needs of the OUTCAN community.

If you would like to make a health fitness plan, or just connect with Todd please reach out to him.

See Todd's schedule for when he will be in your location.
Online Mental Health Support
Do you sometimes get up in the morning feeling like this?

Recent stressful experiences make you sad
Transitional issues
Relationship issues
Family issues
Financial Issues
Workplace stress
Health issues
And more...

Talking about your stressors with friends and family can help. But this might not be enough. Talking to a counsellor may be the best option for you. 
Your "Go to" Resource
If you and your family have any ideas, questions, or comments that you would like to share   with the MFSUS Team, please forward them to  OUTREACH . We want to hear from YOU!!