Manhattan Graphics Center
MGC's Commitment to Equality
Mildred Beltré, Where My Dream At? , from Slogans for the Revolution that Never Was (2015), linen and wool, 12 x 15 inches.©2015 Mildred Beltré. 
Manhattan Graphics Center stands with BLACK LIVES MATTER. Though we cannot legally open our doors, be assured that during this time of peaceful protests across the country, we are strategizing ways to better support and promote Black voices in the printmaking community. We make a pledge to ensure that Manhattan Graphics Center is open to conversations about systemic racism and White privilege. We will not be complicit in the social contract that undergirds White dominance and will not allow anyone to hide behind deflection and defensive self-interest on these matters. It is time for all White people to accept and confront their passive complicity in institutional racism.

With great consideration, we humbly request support in redefining Manhattan Graphics Center’s collective vision. Through this call we are seeking diverse perspectives from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in our community. Acknowledging the fatigue attendant to explaining your perspective to White people, we invite you to let us know how MGC can better serve you. Please write or call executive director Sarah Kirk Hanley at skh[at]manhattangraphicscenter[dot]org or 347.201.3092.

In solidarity,

MGC Executive Board & Staff

Ruth Moscovitch, Co-President
Claire Gilliam, Co-President
Jeanne Betancourt, Co-Vice President
Kristie Valentine, Co-Vice President
Frederick Mershimer, Treasurer
Richard Turnbull, Secretary, Past President
Sarah Kirk Hanley, Executive Director
Erica Criss, Operations Director


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