In celebration of Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, meet our recent AAPI-owned small business grantees of the
Biz-M-Power Crowdfunding Matching Grant Program.


Evy Chen, Owner of Evy Tea, is passionate about creating her organic and sustainable cold-brewed bottled teas. After revenue fell 82% due to COVID-19, she persevered and rebranded the business for online distribution. To help her rebuild, Evy turned to Biz-M-Power, where she was able to raise $20,610 for retail space, warehouse space, and purchase equipment like computers, packaging tables and more!

Crowdfund + Match Total: $40,610


Samurai Express, a Japanese restaurant in Back Bay, is known for fast and casual food with fresh ingredients. With your support, they were able to raise $20,220 for a hooded ventilation system with installation and a griddle! With MGCC's match, they were able to invest $40,220 into their business.

Crowdfund + Match Total: $40,220

Nine Tastes Thai Cuisine has been serving their loyal customers in Harvard Square and the surrounding community for almost 19 years. After being forced to close for 3 months due to electrical issues, they applied for Biz-M-Power. They were able to exceed their goal, raising a total of $11,768 from 136 patrons and collect a match from MGCC, which allowed them to purchase new kitchen equipment, flooring, a water heater, and more!

Crowdfund + Match Total: $23,536
MGCC, in partnership with crowdfunding platform, Patronicity, has developed Biz-M-Power, a crowdfunding matching grant program developed to offer an innovative and quick approach to access funding for small business capital expenses such as acquisition, expansion, improvement or lease of a facility, and purchase or lease of equipment. Funds cannot be used for ongoing business operations such as payroll, benefits, buying of inventory, and general working capital. MGCC will match successful crowdfunding goals on a 1:1 basis up to $20,000 for eligible businesses. Biz-M-Power is a program funded by the Commonwealth's Operating Budget.
See full list of eligibility requirements on our website.