´╗┐After years of extensive planning, committee work, and community input, the Board of Education has approved placing two referendum questions on the November 6, 2018, ballot. Read more about the specifics of the plan here .
What is the timeline?
Assuming a successful November 2018 referendum, the overall estimated timeline is approximately three years. It begins with a full year of design, planning and bidding come next, with construction finishing in the summer of 2021.
How does open enrollment work?

Open enrollment is something we monitor very carefully. The projected growth in our District and the facilities plan based on those projections focus on resident growth .

Open enrollment students come into our District in two ways: 1) students/families who move out of Monona Grove School District and continue on in our schools, and 2) students/families who live outside the District and have not previously been MG students. We are required by state law to take these students when there is room in our classrooms based on our Board-determined class size goals. For example, if the Board's class size goal was 20 students in a kindergarten section and there is a classroom with only 19 resident students, we would be required to put an open enrollment student in that classroom. The exception to this is if the building those classrooms are in is already at total capacity. This is the case at Glacial Drumlin School: we have space in some grades for open enrollment students but because the building in general is at capacity, we do not have to accept (and have not accepted) those students. We have not accepted new open enrollment students at GDS or MGHS in several years. We also do not have to accept open enrollment students if it would mean hiring additional teachers.

We do not currently ask families to reapply for open enrollment (siblings get preference but are not automatically accepted based on class size goals and building capacity, as above). However, state law allows the Board to require families to reapply once per student (not per building). That is something the Board is aware of and is a small way we could further manage capacity issues if necessary. So for example, if a student were open enrolled into third grade in MGSD, that student could only be required to reapply for open enrollment once more before graduating high school.

The Monona Grove School District Board policy can be found here.

Finally, open enrollment students are a small source of revenue for the District rather than a drain on our resources. We are fortunate to be a growing District as well as a District where families want to send their children; we take this responsibility very seriously and believe this plan addresses the District's needs responsibly.
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